Whitley's Room
Monday, December 5, 2011

Solving the Communion Enigma Chapter 4

Whitley Strieber reads the last of the chapters of Solving the Communion Enigma that will be made available prior to the launch of the book on January 5. Here, he tells the remarkable story of what happened as he and Anne left their storied upstate New York cabin forever, and headed toward a new life in Texas. This story is as wonderous as it is heart-rending. Unforgettable.
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This site has been running for 10 years. During that time, the weekend programming has been previewed during the week and posted on Fridays. Due to all the comments, we have posted this early. For those of you who are unable to see all four chapters now posted, please scroll down after pressing "Communion Enigma Preview" above.

Thank you, Whitley, for sharing this with us early. Can't wait to listen!

Thanks, can't wait for the book. But I can wait, because I have to.

It's just because people want it so badly that they get impatient. I know that's how it was for me!

Thank you, will listen with pleasure and attention!

he said this is the last chapter that will be read

OK Whitley, I am sold - I just ordered it on Amazon! Can't wait to find out a bit more about how you got from there to here - I admire your courage, persistence, and intelligence - not many people would do what you have done and that is obviously part of the reason that you were chosen.

I listened, I purchased. Can't wait. I want to echo what chips said above: Whitley, I know life has been extremely trying for you and Anne, and that is an understatement I am sure; but your persistence, courage, perseverance and consistency are so appreciated. You are a role model for the search for truth....I am so glad to know of you and your work. It has been and continues to be so important to me. Thanks for everything through all the years.