Whitley's Room
Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whitley Reads The Good Neighbor Short Story

Whitley Strieber has written a new speculation about what might happen if aliens land. Thrill to this wonderful story, told as only Whitley can tell it.

He calls his story "The Good Neighbors." Or ARE they?

This is Whitley Strieber at his riveting best. Don't miss this one!
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The idea that the visitors would make themselves known to us by actually living among us is fascinating and intriguing. It is my guess that every neighbourhood has its version of the stories main character. It would be interesting to read a sequel which examines the visitors' response to widespread violence against them.

'The Good Neighbor' is lively story, certainly reminiscent of "Twilight Zone". I enjoyed the story and Whitley's reading. For me it is a humorous tale. The laugh on us. The gift of a new life is a gift of compassion. Revenge may be one thing, and to use 'revenge' as a gift of great worth is another.
Thanks Whitley, for sharing this story with us.