Whitley's Room
Friday, December 14, 2012

Bearing Negative Energy

Today one of the most terrible crimes in recent years was committed in the United States, the murder of innocent schoolchildren and their teachers. It is the seventh mass murder perpetrated in this country in just the past year. Here, Whitley Strieber discusses how, as good people seeking higher consciousness, we should react to such events, and for that matter, to the bloody footprints of history in general. He looks with a very clear eye but also in a very new way at the ways in which we might continue on our way to higher energy levels despite the horrors of the world around us.
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My thoughts and feelings...I connected with the children and teachers yesterday. While their lives were cut short, all are more than ok. Their journeys on this Earthwalk have been fulfilled by their souls' intentions. They are part of the plan, and they are so special. As the president so eloquently put it, they were (are) "beautiful little kids."

I also connected with Adam, although reluctant to do so. The act of killing his mother was one of pure hate. The act of killing the children was his distress at his own lost childhood. Indeed, the one that he never had or experienced. Since he experienced his own childhood with no joy, he had no comprehension of others experiencing it. Since he could not connect to it, he chose to obliterate it for others. It was his own warped attempt at oneness with others. I saw his tortured spirit, but I also saw the beauty of his soul, the one that is also a beautiful little kid. I told him to let go of it and not endure his own self-torture any longer, and to be that beautiful little kid. He began to change and I saw him as a child with a sweet smile.

Yesterday we were graced with a profound lesson by extraordinary teachers.

We must get past the concepts of 'good' and 'evil'. It is so difficult to do, but it has to happen in order for us to move to the next level in our evolution.

Another extraordinary event this week? Scientists have found a way to take the deadly virus, HIV, and cure a little girl of leukemia. How wonderful is that?

I noticed that people were assuming a) that compassion is not what the MOTK says, which is giving people what they need the most, but the sort of lovey-dovey acceptance of evil that is the more common definition, and b) that I was therefore suggesting that we extend that distorted form of compassion to the killer, which I am not. So I changed the title.

Thanks Whitley, Cosmic. Wonderful insights.
Somewhere deep in my self I have a memory of the objectivity you are talking about. I did not weep yesterday over the terrible news and I did not lash out with hate at the young man or or those who justify the rights to own guns or the politicians who promise to do something about this yet turn a blind eye at the earliest possible moment.

What I did was sit in quiet meditation and allow my body to feel the love and gratitude I have in my own life and send it to those whose lives were gravely affected: the mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, school employees and townsfolk who were all connected in ways large and subtle.

I look at this world we live in as a stage for spiritual evolution. Everything that can be experienced through the human nervous system is destined to be expressed and embedded in our collective cellular memory. And as we take this journey down the river of being, we judge these experiences as evil or compassionate.

I just watched a touching segment of a couple who live in an inner-city neighborhood of my metropolitan area. Their neighborhood was decimated by crime, gangs, drugs, industrial waste and desolation. This couple found a barren lot used to dump all sorts of things and turned it into a garden and petting zoo, and invited children in this neighborhood and taught them about things like relationships with them and the earth, with plants and with animals. A pure lesson in compassion, yet rearing its ugly head was hate and the couple's house was firebombed.

It's hard to see how we as a species are ready to make the leap to a truly compassionate society without learning some more valauble lessons. I think the last century, so rife with death and atrocity, was a great lesson for all of us on our journey, but I shudder to think what else is in store for us to experience in the future before we have enough cellular memory to fully grasp with true compasion and wisdom.

Lovey-dovey? No way! But we must transform the way that we see reality on all of its levels.

What did Adam need? Something that apparently he never received during his own short, sad, life. What he did was simply awful and beyond comprehension, and he was emotionally and mentally ill. In life he was a monster towards the end. No doubt. Could intervention at some other point in his life have changed its outcome? Did he even have the ability to feel?

My compassion towards this boy/man was to simply not condemn or judge as I connected, because that is not my place on a soul level. I chose to recognize the Lost Boy and to see that lonely child who was never a joyful child, but who could have been one under different circumstances. He needed that.

However, in the 'real world', had he lived and his case gone to trial and I was on the jury, I would have likely given him the death penalty without a second thought.

"If a robber shot you in the head, God shot you in the head. Forgiveness is not an act. It is a state of being."
In Qabbalah, forgiveness is spoken about as a necessary, but is not mentioned by name anywhere on the Tree of Life. I wonder if forgiveness is actually Binah, or 'understanding'.
We must "be as lilies". We must understand that "the kingdom of heaven is within" us.
ALL of us.
I didn't understand your statement as 'lovey-dovey', Cosmic Librarian. I found it very eloquent and profoundly truthful.
I think it's fair of Whitley to make the point, however, as this is a very reactionary situation.
Had it been my children, I'd seek a dreadful vengence! I don't know if I'd have any awareness but retribution.
in Light.

I am so so sadded by the lost for those who are now separated from their love ones & I am so joyful in love for all who embrace this moment in time to grow & expand in their human experiences! I know I have expanded despite the obvious human experience! Thank you Whitley for for confirming the expanding times we all agreed to live in! Much Love & Grace to all who allowed us to share this heartfelt growing experience!

This tragedy made me sick to my stomach. For anyone to murder 20 children, 6 adults and his own mother must have had serious mental health issues. He should have been helped a long time ago by his family who obviously gave up on him. And the fact that his own mother was a gun enthusiast probably didn't help his situation either. This horrible event could have easily been prevented...


That was wonderful Whitely, thank you so much.

An excellent and informative article, Whitley. That we are each infinite spiritual beings and nothing really happens by accident is TRUTH. There are many very negative events happening planet-wide, and presenting all of us incarnate on the planet the opportunity to be positive forces and raise our own vibrations and to speak our truths. My own response to this event is that America is deeply mired in violence. Our TV programs, movies, news media and certainly organizations like the American Rifle Association and our overall glorification of war as a wonderful "patriotic" activity, are all at fault for these events. I note that a gunshop store owner claimed he had the best sale day in his 20 year history here in Oregon. We must turn away from tools of violence and each set an example. Again, your words were absolutely right on. Thank you.

If we should be compassionate instead of judgmental and by compassionate to find out (and I presume, --provide) what another person needs.

Well, who is supposed to judge what each person 'needs'?

Is anyone else struck by the synchronicity of Hurricane SANDY as an instrument of physical devastation followed in 7 weeks by SANDY Hook School as an instrument of spiritual devastation? Seems there's no coincidence there...To me, it is the commercialization of public violence in the media that's at fault. I'm just over 50, and am appalled every year at the increasingly pornographic level of violence on TV, and the relentless cycling of these mass killings, over and over, only to serve us up as eyeballs on advertisements. How would a young person even know to do such an act as shoot up a school? As a media scholar, I'm ashamed of my profession and our inability to take responsibility--to even admit we are part of the spiritual problem of hate and violence against each other in the U.S. that is all perpetuated to make a few bucks. Would the Westboro people protest if not for the cameras? Would school shooters act in such similar ways if they hadn't seen it on TV before?

Melanie - I'm in the same age-range and I too notice that television has become absolutely ridiculous. Channel after channel of crime shows, reality tv stars threatening bodily harm to each other, news that repeats horrors and shows footage of those horrors over and over again..... There are literally only about 2 out of the 58 stations available to me that I can count on to provide non-violent programming. If I had a child at home, I would never leave him or her alone with the tv. It's obscene and it absolutely plays a role in the degradation of our civilization.

Michael Moore is always spot on.

Michael Moore is totally full of ..it! A crypto fascist fat pig...

If it was my choice to incarnate here then I was lied to to coerce that decision. A judge might just as well have locked me here against my will after telling me that I had pleaded guilty even though I had not. I believe we are all puppets. I believe none of us has the free will to speak a single word or take a single step of our own volition. I believe our individual software instructions are downloaded into us during sleep and we perform our appointed duties as would a biological robot. Most of us are made to believe that we have free will, but that is part of the grand illusion. We are used. We are victims. Maybe a lucky few will be allowed to experience what they think is the attainment of a higher consciousness but I do not believe that any individual here can claim that they are responsible for it. Even that would simply be the continuation of the play written by some other consciousness for whatever purpose amuses them. A dark concept of life, I agree. But please tell me what would create a world in which every single living thing has to kill and eat another living thing in order to survive. Most people see beauty in nature. I see perpetual violence to the death ordered as the only way to life. And we wonder why humans are violent? We're all just trying to survive. Any niceties we use or encounter are simply means used to survive as we've found we need others to help us survive. Plus we don't want to be locked up in a prison within a prison, at least if we are lucky that our personal programming allows us to behave somewhat decently toward others. I wonder what it is we have done to have been placed in this brutal position. I'm surprised more people don't go mad living as we must within the confines of this nightmare of questions that cannot be answered and logic that ends at the edge of an abyss. Death is the way of this world. It was created to be that way. And we have, so far, not been allowed to figure a way out. I wonder if there is a wager on us. I wonder if the betting game has been rigged. And yet, none of these are my thoughts. Well, I'm getting hungry again. My personal software allows me to feel sorrow for that which must be eaten. I wonder if God is getting hungry. Are our life's perceptions and experiences His food? I wonder what recipe He will chose for tonight.

Happy Monday everybody.

Whitley, thank you for your compassionate, courageous, and invigorating thoughts on the terrible event last week and others like it. You said what I feel, but have been too weak to verbalize. It takes guts and concentration to speak intelligent thoughts of Love in the midst of the cacophony of voices desperate for something more seemingly solid/tangible to count on for a sense of control.

I think what MOTK is saying is that society - our world is not organized on a social conscious level which puts relations between people and environment as something profoundly significant. Our current set-up is one that embraces "individual right". However the relations between people negate this notion. The relations between people and environment shows us that there is a responsibility of the individual to the whole and the whole to the individual. The rights and needs of people are not held up. I think if deliberation on what those rights and needs are by the people, community and so forth, it would be a practical way of putting into practice genuine compassion which is active.

When I first heard about the massacre I wept for the victims, both the slain and the slayer. Coming from Australia I must say I am totally gobsmacked at the apparent laissez faire attitude to guns within your country but that is something for you to work out, not for me to criticise as I think this whole thing is deeper than it appears.

Whitley's comment of a culture of compassion as against the current culture of judgement is profoundly true. It is the lack of care, dare I say love, for each other that brings on the culture of judgement and the obvious consequences such as this outrage. However, I disagree with his statement that we are "very far from that place (compassion) now" as it appears to me, a stranger to your country, that this is something that you as a people are being forced to go through. As your forebears created the groundwork for these events they appear almost pre-ordained to create that sense of compassion within you as a nation. And, being the pre-eminent nation on this planet right now, if such a culture of compassion does take root within your society then it would be only a matter of time for it to permeate through the rest of this world - even here is Australia where I swear we are 10 years behind everyone else.

(I really like Cosmic Librarian's take on this. Ultimately the killed and the killer are the same as are we all. As a parent of a child who died of leukaemia, I wonder what type it was, A.L.L or A.M.L? Certainly good news for those down the track.)

Superb! Kudos Whitley.

As horrifying as this incident was for all the pain and anger and suffering...I agree that this young man must have been very sick and did not get the help and understanding he needed.....its a slippery slope to blame guns....and equally pointless to try to limit certain types of guns....Also from the ineffectiveness of our politicians, to our own massive debts as a country.....there are and will be more attempts to limit spending by cutting off more programs to help people that cant help themselves...MANY mental patients in need of treatment are released to the street as the Republicans do not seem to want to help anyone but their rich who in my opinion dont need any more help at being rich....they already are....We cannot be caring and open as a nation if we do not try to help those who need it...Mitt Romneys 47 per cent statement only proves how misinformed and uncaring some politicans are...sacrifices on many levels must be made to help others and help our economy as well....Thanks to Whitley for sharing with us his opinions....I wish real honest caring people like Whitley could be world leaders instead of our current crop...sigh

Wow, Scott. I sincerely hope you are wrong. And I feel great sorrow for you.