Whitley's Room
Friday, August 3, 2012

Change of Being: the Meditation

A few weeks ago, Whitley Strieber had one of the most powerful experiences of his life, which is discussed in detail in his online blog, Whitley's Journal, under the title Change of Being.

He begins with two stories about what he calls 'the dangerous sacred.' Both of these stories are completely unforgettable. As is the meditation, a thing of great and freeing power.

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WOW! The energy is beyond my ability to describe. Thank you, Whitley.

"Being Serves Joy."

I will pass this on. Thank you for directing me to more 'open doors'.

Thank you,Whitley. It is a joy to participate in your meditations. As a yoga teacher for over 25 years and a practitioner for a lot longer the chakras have always been very important to me. This was just great. I look forward to checking out all the archived meditations and more.

Whitley, I just listened to this moving meditation for a second time and in my minds eye saw 'THE THINKER.'


i love the triad, --- active , passive, reconcile- BEAUTIFUL!

Whitley, thank you for the sense of peace this meditation brings. It is very calming and healing.

My third eye started spinning, my right (astral?) arm started to separate from my body, I felt a presence near my right hand, a chuckle erupted with the comment about sending light even to those you hate.....wow! This was quite joyous and a good reminder of the power of meditation.

Thank you, Whitley! I tried this while continuing to work, so I did not get all the benefits, but having garnered what I did get was still awesome! Now, I can't wait to truly relax, at home, and go through it again!

Thank you.

I watched a powerful documentary on the yogis of Tibet .. and a monk on that recounted how another monk relayed that after a period of nearly 20 years of imprisionment he had nearly failed. The first monk asked in what way had he nearly failed, the reply .. (although this is my recount from the doco, and not a word for word relay) "I nearly failed in my practise of forgiving the Chinese".