Whitley's Room
Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Brief But Profound UFO Sighting

On May 10, 2012 at 12:35 AM, I had a brief sighting of an enormous UFO. It was preceded by an unusual experience and followed by the most powerful meditation of my life, in forty plus years of regular meditation. This talk describes the what happened, as best I am able.
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What a wonderful experience! Sometimes contacts are so intensely personal that it's hard to put what happened into words. The easier path is silence. Thank God you are there with the gift of eloquence and the desire to share with us.

a great story, and I'm glad to have heard it.
This experience of being seems almost impossible to have, for me at least-- unbounded, infinite. And yet, so very warm and familiar. Got to start meditating again.
On another note, during the one time I had a ufo sighting I was driving home and for several miles a craft of some kind followed my exact path right in front of me. The one strong impression I had was that the craft seemed to be in some sort of subtle connection with me, as if it were in communication with me on some level

To see a craft physically is undeniable proof given to ones self and it may be a gift given purposely by whatever and for whatever.
One day i watched a show on U.F.O's and said out loud"i would love to see one!"
And then three months later on the way to work at 7.55am and in broad daylight i saw a metallic silver disc hanging still above me in the sky and above my work place which was in the middle of an industrial village in a big city.two seconds after seeing it,it disappeared from view and yet i had a clear view of the bright blue sky that i could basically see in any direction for miles.
I had the distinct feeling that it was there for me to see it.
A year later i was stood in Heathrow airport and i was emigrating to the states and was questioning my decision to leave my life behind and my family and was waiting for the plane when i thought to myself i would love a sign of some kind to know i was making the right decision,and then almost instantly a white orb flew down the runway made an abrupt u turn and flew back the other way.Nobody else in the queue of a few hundred seemed to see it.
To see something like that is indisputable evidence.

Why do you call upon your Gods, it's only Us. :)

Exactly what a demon would say.... There are MANY stories of visitors fleeing when a the name of Jesus is used. BTW I am not a Fundamentalist Christian by any measure.

I have found that in these types of events a different set of reasoning comes into play - typically one driven by emotions rather than logic. In my experience within these states any reasoning that there is or is not a "God" gives way to the awareness that I am very small in this world. I automatically seek protection and/or solace when I find myself scared. I typically know my place without deliberation. As Orson states above, I writhed in agony while dog teeth tore me apart at the orders of a dark entity to remove my soul and I finally, without reasoning, found myself calling out to Jesus. I also am not a practicing Christian. However, I do know that someone with dark skin, long black hair, lean muscled arms wearing a dark orange garment spoke and the entity vanished leaving the dogged teeth creatures abandoned, afraid and cowering in a corner.

Keep in mind the concept that whatever made us(on a soul level) also made the grays. How could whatever not have made both? Would one be suggesting two separate "Gods"?

We are all from the same universe. How are some 'evil space aliens' going to have any meddling with us considering our spirit guides would 1.) be aware of it and 2.) allow it to happen?

I don't think advanced beings are going to be war like and devious with ill intent.

If the earth is essentially a school house and self paced, self study; they are not allowed on a general scale to interfere with human lives(contactees excepted).

I still struggle with the total terror/fear issue concerning these beings. The only thing I can think of is the issue of the food chain.

On Earth we think and view ourselves as being at the top of it. Sharks, bears, alligators, etc. not much of a threat if one isn't near them. Now all of the sudden, in the middle of the night, in the dark house with windows/doors locked; some being more advanced then us has the 'jump on us' and is in the room undetected? Startling to say the least and I think the animal/instinctual(monkey) part of our brains freaks out at the thought that something that doesn't exist in our normal reality is suddenly IN our reality and is more evolved then us and feels threatened.

I've never had a daylight encounter with these beings; but I suspect it would take the edge off the situation compared to their unannounced middle of the night style of doing things.

I look forward to future encounters with them as those are the most exciting events in my life.

Thank you for this Whitley. BLISS!!!!! It must have taken a while to come back to this reality of the here and now.....

Can you imagine?
that God should only want to share, and here we are not willing to.
that God would say, its only me. Its only me.

maybe we share in God's loneliness

This was terribly moving. I'm not the only one, I'm sure, who is saying right now - god, I have got to meditate.

I had a similar sense of presence on May 11. It was a familiar presence although I could not call it by name. As I sat quietly and sensed the presence, I felt the intent that, "We urge you with many choices, because the choice you make must be your true will; so you must explore many choices." In that instant I understood that the intent of many apparent conflicts presented in contact was to craft a palette of choices and fell asleep thinking of the conflicts and choices I had made. The next morning (today) I awakened with a sense of deep serenity and knew that the only plausible choice is to pursue that which I honestly love with joy, no matter how small, trivial or strange it may seem to others. Simple pursuit of this fills my life with joy and love that I can then radiate and give. This is the true meaning of "eros," which Plato described as universal or Platonic love. The presence came as a complete surprise, and the message was even more surprising.

Did the symbol on the UFO resemble this?:


Were the uniforms the people wore comprised of black and charcoal grey patches/sections?

Thank you for sharing, Whitley.
I am so grateful.

Regarding above post about invoking Jesus's name: What about them fleeing when you merely ask them to? Same thing. Or when you invoke Mohammad, Siva, or whatever else you believe in? Seems all that really happens is they respect your desire to be left alone, has nothing to do with validating Jesus.

That was beautiful! Thank you.

I agree. Think you were referring to my post. Also, I personally don't share the view that Jesus is God anymore than we are. What stands out to me is that when in this state "Jesus" was the first one I called upon to save me. Not in the Biblical sense but in the sense that I was no match for what was happening to me, I wasn't willing to let it happen so I called for help. Since that event I seem to know my place and power level. I was raised in a somewhat Christian household so it makes sense that I would relate to Jesus. I suppose around the world many others have been called upon.

I've wondered if this is one of the benefits of being in this world as a human 3rd density being - that we are slowed down enough to deliberate, pray, meditate, think and gather spiritual tools because when we venture out it all becomes instinct. If we have prepared then we may have a better chance than someone going in blindly.

Thank you

Of all the posts, I feel that krsanna's and Christosphere's come closest to my own inner feelings and convictions. I was brought up Episcopalian, so Jesus Christ is the first being I think of when I need help. Edgar Cayce said "He became the Truth, and the whole truth for those that choose His banner." I don't call on Krishna, Allah, etc., because they were not my childhood models in this life. I do feel I've had countless lives in every major and many minor civilizations on this planet, usually as a common soldier or citizen. I had an insight recently that we come here because we can't experience real pain and difficulty on any other plane of existence. Once out of these aching bodies, we flit about at will without resistance and long for something to push back against. I think the world population is exploding right now because souls from all over this galaxy and beyond are trying to crowd in here and get their "fair share of abuse" before the coming changes make that impossible. To paraphrase Shakespeare "Souls of the universe now adrift will count themselves accursed and hold their existence cheap, whilst any speaks who suffered with us on Terra's judgement day."

Whitley, I suppose you know,but it's worth saying again:I am so glad that l came across your work( many years ago) and you (I attend the Dream Land Festivals).Those who missed you in this recent event in your life must also know how dear you are to us here on the ground. So thank you again, and again.

In 2008 I suffered a stroke similar to Anne's. I was in a coma for several days, and when I woke up, I saw the Devil in the corner of my hospital room. He had a black plastic trash bag and told me he was there to take me to hell.Although I was not a practicing churchgoer, I prayed to Jesus for help and I saw a pair of sandaled feet hanging from the ceiling. The demon was gone, and I promised to go back to Church in return for Jesus' help. I attend weekly and have not had any more views of the demon. I do have hallucinations from my stroke to this day (shadow people, the feeling that there are people coming and going from my home) but nothing threatening; these are just hallucinations coming from my damaged brain, not a real demon like I saw.
Whitley, I love your books and have read them all, beginning with Nature's End and WarDay. Except for the above two, I have all your books in my personal library.

I have and always will listen to and read your stories, Whitley. I can't get enough. Thank you so much for doing the work you do. It so very much appreciated. Much love to you and Anne.