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The Sudarium and the Shroud

Last night in our chat room, the subject of the Shroud of Turin came up briefly, and one of the chatters pointed out some of the striking similarities between the marks on the Shroud and those on the Sudarium of Ovieto, which is supposed to be the cloth with which Veronica wiped the face of Jesus, or perhaps the cloth with which his face was covered before he was placed in the tomb.

I've been thinking a great deal about Jesus over the past couple of days, because of the fragment that has been revealed that suggests that he had a wife. This goes against Catholic belief, but that doesn't concern me. In fact, why wouldn't he have had a wife? And children. And as far as the virgin birth is concerned, scholars believe that his actual birth month was probably September--that is to say, during Virgo. Thus the 'virgin birth.' (His birth is celebrated in December in order that it would replace all of the many pagan solstice celebrations that took place starting four days after the solstice, when it was certain that the sun was indeed returning from it's long winter sojourn.)

I've had an interest in the Shroud ever since I met Fr. Peter Rinaldi and the original team who did the first study of it. In all the years of debate, I have yet to see a successful debunking of the Shroud, and now these correspondences with the Sudarium further support its authenticity.

For example, the nose of the Man of the Shroud is exactly 3 inches long. The nose on the face that was wiped with the Sudarium was also three inches long. And the blood on both is type AB.

Here is the Sudarium link our chatter mentioned, from Shroud.com.

Any wonder non-religious people are puzzled by religion? There must be something in religion that appeals to the non-logical/creative side of the brain, if not religion was created with that purpose (as a Roman trap)? It would be so interesting to know the truth about the spirituality of advanced aliens - do they know it all or is there anything they believe in.