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New Communion Enigma Interview

Exotica Radio is one of the many new internet radio outlets. I thought their interview with me was excellent. Good questions! You can listen here: http://bit.ly/Hd1378

Wow. Quite striking. I don't think Whitley has pronounced it quite so profoundly before, in that way -- the consequences of life in the time stream. If he has, I missed it completely. Well, of course he has, I'm sure. It's a bit funny that after that, the interviewer immediately goes on about Speer (it's Speer, for cryin' out loud.) Bit of a jarring comedown, hah. Great interview. (It's. SPEER! -- see now? One goes from something amazing down to a trivial pursuit question. Grr)

It bugs me, is what I'm saying. It's annoying and funny. And annoying. Did I say it was annoying? Cos it was. Annoying. Do you suppose he could edit it out. (great interview yes)

A wonderful interview! Thanks for letting all of us experience it.

That link did not work for me. I did google exotica radio and found it:

Great interview, and with some