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Massive ice breakup in Greenland

In January, the polar vortex broke down. This is a mass of air that normally rotates around the North Pole. It will often break down in late February or early March, which is what causes very cold arctic air to slide south and collide with warmer air beginning to move up from the south. This results in blizzards and northeasters in the US northeast and the Canadian maritimes. However, this year, it broke down earlier than ever before observed, which is why so much cold air has appeared further south than normal.

The result is that, while record low temperatures are being recorded in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere, the arctic is experiencing record heat. This is not only causing frightening outgassing of methane, but also spectacular ice melt and glacial destabilization in Greenland. Should the Greenland glaciers slide into the ocean, the result will be a dramatic increase in sea levels worldwide, with an average increase of twenty feet.

This video shows the calving of a gigantic berg off the floating face of the Ilulisat glacier in Western Greenland, one of the largest calving events ever recorded.

Holy God! I know it's just a small fragment in spite of it's size, but, Holy God!

Wow! Whitley, you really should have this guy on Dreamland as a guest. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_lgPGdgBTaY
Very scary information on the methane dangers and other frightening activity going on.

Time to wake up people. I still find it amazing when people are surprised or shocked by this. Who knows what's going on in other places, where there are no cameras??? Or what's going on under the water?

A 20 feet sea rise will only be the start..

From what I can read a 4 C temperature rise in global temperature at year 2100 means 6-8 C rice over land and less than 4 C over water. Long term this means a 40-60 meters sea level rise with a rise velocity of 1 meter per every 20 years. This is just my personal opinion from what I can find at fx.:

An incredible video that I'm showing to lots of people.

I tell them to turn the sound way up. I can't wait to see the entire film, Chasing Ice.

Thanks for posting the link!

Recently saw "Chasing Ice." AMAZING! Balog and crew did an excellent job! Also, on PBS, NOVA, "Earth from Space" shows the in