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Just Had a Crystal Clear Time Slip

Yesterday I bought a book at Book Soup in LA called the Demonologist by Andrew Pyper. I bought it because I'd read a good review of it in the New York Times Book Review last Sunday. To my confusion, the review was repeated today. They never run a review two weeks in a row, though, so I looked back to last week's Book Review, and found that the review was not there.

I would never have bought a $25.00 book by an unknown writer without reading a strong review first. While I was reading the review today, I was also remembering it.

In some nearby universe, the Times must be a week ahead. Please, Lord, let me read the stock market columns and the sports scores!

And if you read the lottery numbers, please share them with your loyal subscribers! :-)

I did find a short review of that book in the online edition of the NYT, published 2 days ago (3/8/13). See http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/10/books/review/the-boyfriend-by-thomas-p... and scroll down to the last book.

Could you have spotted it there on Friday?

Yes, especially the MegaMillions or the Texas Lottery. Those two would suffice. :)

Well Whitley,
you can at least let me know what I thought of the book after I read it. :0)

Is there a feeling of dizziness during this? Like one has in a feeling of deja vu, is this similar to that? this is so odd. What happened to Whitley's original timeline, was it occupied by another Whitley? What was that Whitley reading?

I just had a similar experience to Whitley's, sitting here this morning perusing the internet. CNN just posted about the death of Joe Weider, the bodybuilding guru and publisher. I used to buy his magazines back in the 90s, so I was very familiar with the name. So when I saw he died, my immediate reaction was, "This is old news. I read he died about a week ago." I have a very recent memory of reading his wiki page, seeing he had died and being surprised by how old he had lived. But when I opened the CNN article, it said he died yesterday (March 23).

If I start having time slips, I perceive that taking requests would get old pretty fast. :-)

I thought that was common amongst all of us whom are experiencers...? I have always thought of it as strong deja vu. Gets pretty weird sometimes, when you tell people what just happened, but it hasn't yet..