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Fascinating Video on Quantum Levitation

Superconductors can be made to levitate in a magnetic field. They try to expel magnetic fields from within themselves, a very unique property. In space, it would be easy to keep material at temperatures close to absolute zero, meaning that a system using this could conceivably be propelled without any energy at all, at least in regions of space where there are magnetic fields. Here is a link to the talk:

12 minutes in it goes from amazing to utterly mind-blowing. It's NOT magnetic levitation which you can do in a schoolroom. This is something totally different, new and amazing. This could very well be a means of propulsion in space that requires no energy at all, and you have to wonder if maybe we are looking at an explanation for how some of those disks get around.

Pretty cool. Paul Landers should see this video, with his "Lock-Force" mechanism theory. Quantum mechanics research is the way to go this century. Will unlock so many doors and maybe get us out of our conundrum.