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A Disturbing Dream. Was it Prophetic?

I had an unusually vivid dream at about three this morning. (August 5, 2012) In it, I was observing a committee of some sort discussing the way that the Nazis had created the deception that Polish border guards had attacked Germans in September of 1939, and used this as a pretext for invading Poland. The discussion involved the use of women in some sort of subterfuge that would justify the use of nuclear weapons.

I can't say who was in this meeting, but I had the impression that it involved people from a number of different countries. They were laughing and having a good time. But it was a meeting about the ultimate terrorist act, no question.

Normally, I wouldn't bother to record a dream, but this one had a kind of 'taste' to it that I found very disturbing. On a few very rare occasions in my life, I've had awareness of things happening at a distance--people talking, events taking place, that sort of thing--that have turned out to be real. A few prophecies have come true, especially from my books Nature's End and Superstorm. 

I don't know if this means anything. I hope it doesn't. I just felt a need to record it.

The scum rises and the innocent often get hurt.

Whitley, I think it is a good idea to post this info, sometimes it stops the perpetrators from going through with their plans, because they know that eyes are watching them now. My favorite book of yours is Nature's End- it reverberated through me clear to the bone. After reading the nbcnews headline today about the confirmation of man made global warming, I feel as if I've been dropped into the middle of that book. Yikes!

Whitley, might I suggest you going back into the dream and ask for more information or clarification.....Or as a subscriber effort, those that choose too can go into a shared group effort and treat it as if....."IT WAS MY DREAM." THEN, dream it.

Lord let this nightmare end!, of course cognitive dissonance will always end up being the reality-- we won't look at the facts no! Help us ohh Lord` ss all we can do! L.!

Some sort of nuclear exchange is looking more and more likely thanks to the increasingly delusional pronouncements of Ayatollah Khamenei and his mouthpiece, Amadenajahd. I only hope Putin can keep his mitts out of it, if and when...

Iran has not invaded another country for over 200 years.How many countries has the U.S. invaded in the last decade?
Iran is being purposely marginalized and systematically attacked,whether it's by sending computer viruses through it's defense systems or having it's nuclear scientists assassinated by Israel and the U.S.
The required result is that eventually Iran will hit back giving a false justification for an all out war.Remember the all time classic---W.M.D. for invading Iraq.
We are guaranteed certain death if we do not evolve sharply in this next century,only wars and nukes are desired by Demons and they may well be the cause of our extinction.It's not the Iranians it's every single one of us.

The "polar clock" crop circle that appeared in early June in the UK had a date of August 4, 2012 at about 5:45pm GMT (see http://www.temporarytemples.co.uk/blog/the-manton-grove-polar-clock/ ). You don't know if it's a cosmic joke on someone's birthday, a predictive date, or a series of numbers. But that crop circle was pretty straightforward to me. After wondering for months, it seemed to pass quietly here in the US and UK. I spent some of the day watching the AP news ticker as multiple small, but significant, events unfolded in the Middle East. The pilgrim kidnappings, border terrorists, Iran launching the Prophet missile, etc. I tried not to read too much into events, after all it's a mess over there for hundreds of years, but this feeling of dreadful convergence is still with me. Who knows what leaders sat down the evening of August 4 and decided it was time for serious reprisals, or maybe serious peace? Let's hope the latter.

By giving attention to anything, the outcome is affected. (Is the cat dead, alive, or in both states in the box?) I believe this is one of the reasons why prophecy is so 'hit-or-miss' and cannot be relied on most of the time.

In this case, there is a very strong possibility that the dream was really remote viewing, and I think that by putting it out there, Whitley may be influencing the outcome, but in ways that we may never know.

So...If you use Twitter, this the perfect thing to put out there.

I think it's useful to think about these things. I, too, have had similar experiences throughout my life (i.e., "I've had awareness of things happening at a distance--people talking, events taking place, that sort of thing--that have turned out to be real. (A number of my) prophecies have come true.")

I have never been able to prevent any of my "premonitions" from coming true, though.