Video Collection
Monday, July 18, 2011

UFO video verified by our experts.

This video from Glasgow appears to be real. It is not diamond shaped, however, as it appears. This is due to the camera's autofocus reading the nearby power lines. In one frame, however, the camera did focus on the object, and one of our experts was kind enough to provide us with a still. We are unable to run the video directly from our site, so watch it here. See the in-focus frame in the commetary section.

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Wow, that was really hard to watch. I had to blink a few times to right my vision, but I did see a shiny elongated object jump out of its moving cloud cover. Seems real to me, on the order of a Billy Meijer craft.

What I want to know is why he was filming the sky before he saw the object? It's not like he saw an object and pointed the camera at it. He's randomly looking in the sky and then sees the object. That seems kind of suspect.

Wake up David,until it happens to you.....well we can't spoon feed the likes of you. Your intelligence is suspect.

Excuse me Ed? How do you know it hasn't happened to me? Read this buddy:

That's about me. I've plenty of other experiences with these things. I can fill a book about it.

My intelligence is fine, but you sound gullible. I still say this video is fake. If he saw something, he would have pointed the camera in that location first.

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." - Søren Kierkegaard

I guess you put me into the former, I've already said where I put you, but it's alright with me either way David.Yes, I was wrong in assuming it didn't happen to you and it takes away from my own unnecessary verbal attack.

Ed, you have to look at this video this way. What was the motivation for the person to be videoing the sky? Did he first see something and want to capture it on video? That's what most people would do. But that's not what we see here. What we see is someone randomly scanning around the sky, and then seeing something. Why would someone do that? Do you do that? I know I don't. I'm always looking up however.

So, at that point he points his camera at the objects. So was he just videoing the sky in hopes to catch something? That's far fetched. It's also a perfect bed for someone that wants to enhance the footage with some CGI. Since the objects are pretty formless, just darting lights, it's a very easy thing to fake. They don't look like solid objects, and they aren't metallic or reflecting their surrounding. That's harder to fake, and that's what most people see; metallic solid objects in the daytime sky, not lights.

The other issue I have with this video is the objects themselves. There are three videos out there showing similar white specs darting in and out of the clouds. Two of them are posted here, the other being the London video where the guy just happens to be recoding his feet, and then for no reason at all, sticks the camera on a tripod and films the skyline. Then similar objects show up, but the person doesn't seem to notice.

What was his motivation for setting up the camera in that video? I can't think of any. Once again, if he had first seen an object and then grabbed the camera to record it, that would make sense. But there is no motivation for that person to be recoding a few of nothing out the window. People take pictures and videos of things. You have to have a reason to be doing it.

The third video shows a guy outside on a crowded street, once again filming randomly into some clouds. There is nothing to see in the clouds. Finally after a minute or two, he shifts over to the right (same move in the two other videos) and there are those same little white specs zipping in and out of the clouds. And the movement is very CGI, with the acceleration that you see in cheesy movies that are supposed to be UFOs. Of course he gets a crowd of people looking up. But none of them seem to see anything. And certainly none of them also videoed the objects or reported it.

Experiments have been done having a person look up in the sky, and after a while they draw a crowd who starts to think they see something. People want to fit in. The same thing happens if you get on an elevator and turn and face the back wall. After a while others will do it also.

So those are the reasons I find this video suspect. Anything can be faked these days. I know because I use Photoshop for a living retouching photos to make them look like something that isn't what it is. So forgetting the fact that the video might be fake, you have to look at the situation. And that's where I have trouble with these three videos. There is no context of someone having a sighting and excitedly grabbing the camera and recording it. Instead it seemed posed as to appear that they use happened to have been recoding a video of some clouds, for no apparent reason, and caught an object.

And that makes no sense. So I did not judge this video based on my belief system. I already know these objects exists and have experienced the very strange reality that goes along with it. But that doesn't mean that I accept everything I see as real. I've seen plenty of real photos and videos, and in my opinion, this is suspect.

I've also had sightings that didn't last long enough for me to get my phone out and get the camera going. These videos are too leisurely in the time spent showing nothing.

That's my analysis. :)

So it has nothing to do with believing or not. If this video is fake, that has no bearing on other videos, and vice versa.