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Monday, June 27, 2011

Probable Hoax Video 'UFOs Over London'

Our specialists have analyzed this video and feel that it is a CGI effect. They could always be wrong, but don't count on it.

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This doesn't pass the sniff test...

1. He doesn't seem to be that bothered about it, as he is not running to the window.
2. His colleagues don’t seem to be that bothered by it either, judging by their tone.
3. The camera is just being pointed at the same area of the sky, regardless of where the objects are in the frame - this simply is not natural. For example, near the end of the footage when the objects to the right exit the frame, there is no attempt to follow them.
4. Why is there no attempt to zoom-in on the objects? OK, it could be a phone but the quality of the footage and the stability of the image suggest otherwise.

...this definitely smells fishy.

Makes no sense why he starts off filming his feet and then just happens to stick the camera on a tripod? Pointing at nothing in particular? Clearly they want you to think that they never saw the objects, so the camera was just randomly pointing out the window, and them down to the street... but you can tell it's on a tripod. And who walks with the video running pouting at the floor?

The whole thing is fishy. It's CGI, and not very convincing either. The objects move like what you see in cheesy movies, or UFO shows, and that's never how they move. Plus why are they white objects against the clouds and not dark objects? This is just like the video with the people looking up in the sky. That also made no sense because it starts off with him randomly pouting the camera at clouds, and then he sees the object. Why? Who does that?