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Friday, July 1, 2011

Nick Pope reports on some recent UFO videos

This is an excellent account of some recent UFO videos. He skewers some recent fakes, challenging famous videos such as the recent London video and the Jerusalem videos.

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Everone saw instantly back in January (2011) that 1 of the Jerusalem UFO videos was a obvious fake.
The 3 "real" ones are:
Have they been debunked?

".....flood of hoaxes.......designed to drown the real ones in an ocean of fakery."

Along with the countless number of space movies depicting aliens as hostile, bloodthirsty creatures, often in cahoots with shadowy government factions. Fear the government. Fear aliens. They're in on it together. Sure. That's why they always try to shoot them out of the sky, isn't it?

It's very simple.
They don't want their human resource siding with something that can outsmart their own little new and improved slavery and breeding programs.

What we need to ask ourselves is, perhaps, not what... but WHO... enslaved people in ancient Sumeria? Can we trace the slave trade as it applies to ancient civilisations dependent upon gold (for whatever reasons)? I'm quite certain it's possible.

Not one single culture should be excluded from scrutiny. Not even one.
The one which keeps trying to slip out of the picture as innocent among all the rest maybe knows a little more than they're letting on.

Yes they are fake. I found out a few weeks ago. Very sad.
Kinda tired of all this fake stuff comming from NOT THE GOVERNMENT but ordinary citizens on Youtube. The government consists of ordinary people with kids who have the guts to stand up asking for my vote. The close ties between the corporations and the government is ruining us all. Still if we don't vote for the bad guys they don't get elected. People vote for Bush and then go complaining of chemtrails and reptilians on Youtube and go buying chinese junk in Wallmart. Makes no sense to me.