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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

William Henry on His Experiences on Ancient Aliens

Anne Strieber comes out with her dukes up as she interviews William Henry about his recent Ancient Aliens appearance. Last week on Revelations, William interviewed Randy Maugans about the hype artists and liars who plague the internet with their fake conspiracy theories and scare stories. But isn't Ancient Aliens full of misinformation? If so, why did William appear on it? There is quite a trajectory of discovery in this interview, and William offers some illuminating insights into the difference between claims worth exploring and those that are without credibility.

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Anne, maybe you could post a list of acceptable TV shows, books, authors and theories for those that don't know how to think for themselves? Sorry if that sounds harsh but I'm really tired of those that are so married to their theories (and let's face it, they are ALL theories!) that they spend an entire show trashing others. And although I understand that you've read thousands of letters from experiencers/abductees, the abduction phenomenon is a only a small part of a much larger picture. Therefore, you are no more of an "expert" than anyone else is. In my very humble opinion, this interview said a lot more about you than it did those that you spent almost an hour trashing.

There are way to many theories out there. I have a hard time following theories about stargates, rainbows, ancient aliens, alien crop circles etc. There are too many people with wild claims amongst the sincere people. Even some of Graham Hancock's theories are proven wrong. Latest disappointments: the Roswell UFO crash, the Philadelphia experiment, the 2011 Jerusalem UFO videos. Sucks to believe in something for 25 years only to find out it was a madeup story. I support the idea of some sort of shield because I don't want that experience again. Plenty of honest truthseeking people I can listen to instead. The "face" on Mars...oh well...whatever. Lets just forget that one no?

hmm...i was really provoked by this show...1h of bashing others? Whats the point of having a BS topic like this? Anne and William is not the holder of the "truth". Im not being a subscriber so i can pay for listening to a show like this one....

Well Frek, if your looking to be shielded, you're in the right place, apparently. Best of luck.
"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's." ― Joseph Campbell

Anne, will all due respect, please leave the interviewing to Whitley or quit interrupting your guest. Go back and listen to how many times you interrupted William while he was in mid-sentence. Most of your interruptions were a distraction to what he was trying to say. (I am a subscriber.)

One thing is paramount. No one, but no....one knows the whole truth about anything! It is ALL speculation and conjecture. I listen and read about all this paranormal beyond-the-beyond stuff because it is interesting, and I suspect there is more going on in the world than meets the eye. But ultimately, we're all blindfolded in a dark room, bumping our shins on the furniture and maybe that's okay. Probably we're not supposed to know it all because if we did.....we wouldn't have anything to quest for. It's the journey not the destination that's important. And, keeping an open mind.

This, unfortunately is something that Anne does not get as an interviewer in my only slightly humble ;-) opinion. The interviewer needs to get out of the way and assist the guest in getting their perspective out. That is what we as listeners are interested in, not the host's opinions and perspectives. It is something George Noory is very good at, though he is a little too loose. In many ways, Ithink George Knapp is technically the best at this. Ian Punnett on CC also has trouble with this and wants to inject himself into the discussion too much. It is an artform and I advise any interviewer in these formats to practice restraint and concentrate on playing along. Johhny Carson was brilliant at this in his medium. I love Dreamland very much, however.

I used to look forward to every Wed and Sat but now, not so much. There's way too much negativity toward other's work here, imo. Whether a person buys into the ancient alien concept or not is not the issue. What's the point of basing an entire show sniping at people like Sitchen, Von Daniken and the entire cast and crew of Ancient Aliens? The ironic part of it all is, MANY of the guests on the Ancient Alien episodes have also been guests on Dreamland and Revelations. Are they credible here but misleading there? Ridiculous. Anne also mentioned David Icke for some unknown reason... to my knowledge he's never appeared on any of the AA episodes. He's an easy target for some though and I guess Anne couldn't help but use the opportunity to take a swipe at him also. I find this behavior strange because Whitley has been marginalized in the past so one would hope they learned something from that experience and know better than to attempt to marginalize others. Apparently not.
It's also noteworthy that Icke seems to pack the house wherever he goes, Sitchen was a successful author, as is Von Daniken and Ancient Aliens is entering their 4th season. Maybe their success is a problem for the Streibers which begs the question, why? Someone mentioned that there are too many theories, as if that's a negative thing. I see it as an indication that people are hungry for knowledge of these so-called fringe subjects and the success of one is a success for all because it's obvious that more and more people are interested. Of course there are and phonies and hacks, you'll find them EVERYWHERE. Part of growing up is learning to discern what is right for you and what isn't. I don't need or want anyone to attempt to do that for me and when my subscription ends, I will no longer support shows like these.

Bless your heart, Anne, for your enthusiasm, your good nature, your return from near-death and your vast knowledge in association with Whitley's visitor experiences. But I must agree with the others that your interviewing skills need to be curtailed. I find it so difficult to listen when I know you'll be interrupting almost every sentence of your guest. I also question your public scolding of the wonderful William Henry for which programming he chooses to be a part of. I wonder with all your criticism if you have even watched an episode of Ancient Aliens! As you said yourself toward the end of this interview: "You don't have to have the answers -- you can have a good question and explore it. Why can't we do the same?"

I'm sorry to say that I agree with the others. The Ancient Aliens series is excellent and thought provoking, as are Whitley's ideas. That's why I subscribe to both. If William Henry didn't feel this was an honorable project, I don't feel he would be a part of it, so his feelings were also not taken into account. Please watch the series before making snap judgements, and keep in mind how other people have treated Whitley concerning his beliefs.

It is good that a show like AA is on the air. It may not get everything right and I personally believe it is a bit off base, but it raises questions and gives us some spectacular visuals. I do not believe ANYONE has the answers, so we need to keep the question open. I have always admired Whitleys stance on this. Anne has valuable info from the letters but they are only one side of a mysterious and complex phenomenon. I can't get G. Hancock's notion out of my mind that there is a consciousness aspect to all this, that much of it exists in another dimension of consciousness, not in flesh and blood materiality on this earth plane. The other thing I always think of is the term "astral wildlife" from Robert Bruce ( I think he's the one who coined it).

I have been saying it for years and have been ripped for it by unthinking listeners... Please, Anne is one of the worst interviewers on the air. She may be a wonderful person and full of love for her fellow man but she just can't seem to allow her guests to speak without interrupting constantly. Yes, I'm a subscriber and I avoid Anne's programs as much as possible.

The danger in a web site that is essentially a portal for the "Mothership Strieber" is that we just get too much of their viewpoints. It is understandable and certainly forgiveable but nontheless, becomes a bit annoying over time. It's hard to balance that, I am sure. However, I now feel that I know exactly what the Strieber's opinions and perspectives are. Ok, let's move forward and focus on the guests and thier ideas and seeing if by good journalistic techniques that as interviewers they can roll up their sleeves and help each guest penetrate and express their deepest and most nuanced ideas about their particular subject. We don't need answers, we need good questions. I feel like I have been hammered over the head with some of the redundant views and stories. I forgive all that, but let's raise the bar.

To say vaccines critics are crazy makes as much sense as saying that all abduction claims are bogus. The evidence of vaccine dangers is huge. BTW the improvements in heath over the last 100 years were due to sanitation and clean water, NOT immunizations. Greed is the the driver of immunization, not public health

I have been a subscriber for some time, and I am incredibly grateful for all that you do. My entire world view, literally my entire life, was changed forever upon reading Communion. That single book started me on a journey of discovery that continues to this day, one that never ceases to amaze me, one that continues to reveal itself in layer upon layer upon layer. Your committment to the truth, to aligning yourselves with the absolute best thinkers in their fields is second to no one, and it is impossible to convey how thankful I am for the continually thought provoking, consciousness changing issues that you address.
It is with this in mind that I felt compelled to comment, for the first time ever, on Anne's recent interview with William Henry. As noted, I find virtually all of your content fantastic, but I have been bothered for some time by Anne's constant need to interupt her guests. There have been many, many times in which a guest is developing a thread or idea that I really want to learn about, to have them go deeper, so to speak, but the thread is lost when Anne interupts and it is never returned to. Additionally, I was struck by her negative attitude in general during this interview. Certainly, I understand that Ancient Aliens is a "Hollywood" production, but can't we agree that it is, at last, nice to see the alien question addressed in a decently thoughtful manner? Certainly, there is a lot wrong with it, but, if we are truly hopeful that at some point the majority of the human race will stop burying their heads in the sand regarding these issues, or continue to blindly accept the lies fed to them by their governments or mass media, then I believe we should welcome programs like AA with open arms. At the very least, perhaps people will begin to think a little for themselves and investigate the ideas of people like you, Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs, William Henry, Zecariah Stitchen, Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Richard Hoagland, so many others, and yes, even David Icke.
Whitley, you have spoken at length recently about true compassion, and what that concept actually entails. I sincerely hope that you and Anne will view these comments in that light, as genuinely heartfelt constructive criticism, intended only to help you improve the already unbelievably incredible job you all do.

Hi Anne, Well apparantly I am not the only one who has asked you to stop interurpting your guests. I cannot stand to listen to your interviews for that very reason. I have explained this to you before on your interviews with the contactees. Hopefully you will now stop interupting a guest in mid thought. PLLLLLEASE!! I know this sounds harsh, but you have done nothing to help yourself. If you are in the publics' eye you are open for criticism.

Hm...I rather enjoy Ancient Aliens. I know it's got some faults, and it's repetitive, but I'm a little disappointed that this show is so roundly panned here. There are some other really great researchers on these shows - as William even mentions. I feel that hearing all POV's is interesting and important. I'm a little surprised how little Anne knew about the show even though she bashes it so much in this interview. Still, it's good to hear William talk more about it. I just wish it hadn't been framed in such a negative light.

Not sure I want to listen to this interview, not after I have read the posted comments here. Just like many of your subscribers, I also like watching "Ancient Aliens" and I made sure I don't miss each and every episode. Yes, the show does have its flaws but it has great entertainment value and is thought-provoking. At least, I am thankful that a program such as "Ancient Aliens" is accessible to many people on a mainstream TV network (History-2 Channel). Since the AA concept is still just a theory, I do think we need to keep an open mind about this subject, until this theory can be entirely disproved.