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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who--or What--was the Master of the Key?

This stunner begins with Whitley Strieber telling the story of a movement through time that happened to him in New York City in 1983. He found himself suddenly in the city as it must have been a hundred years before. It turns out that the experience unfolded within a short distance of one of Nicola Tesla's labs, where he might well have been engaged in experiments involving time travel.

Anthony Peake makes sense of this amazing experience, and explains that time slips like this are actually common. He describes a corner in his home city of Liverpool where dozens of people have had precisely similar experiences. He describes a theory of time developed by a physicist who was close to Albert Einstein, which may actually explain not only why these experiences happen, but why they happen in certain places.

Would it be possible to move through time by simply going to a certain spot? Whitley and Anthony both describe the exact spots they're talking about in the interview.

Then they get into the mystery of the Master of the Key, and Anthony presents a powerful theory about who this enigmatic man might have been.

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So what do suppose was this 'cold water loneliness' that was felt? A firewall to keep you in your own time? Was it a dark night type episode like a death that was survivable although transformative? Do you think you would have really had a psychotic break?

Good interview with lots to think about. Thanks. I think your comments on portents like Hitler's red aurora sky were most insightful, Whitley, and that the non-birth of the Jewish child was of major significance. I felt that Anthony pulled back on that a little because it doesn't quite fit his theory of time, but I know you are reading the signs correctly, for they are becoming more and more insistent. Just recently, we had a week in which the pope resigned, followed by a powerful lightning bolt striking the Vatican, a close asteroid and multiple meteors and fireballs sighted across the world (not just the Russian one), a NASA recorded unexplained major shockwave disturbing earth's magnetic field, an usually large pod of dolphins (over 1 km wide) leaping as though in a hurry to get somewhere, and just last week, a biblical plague of locusts in the middle east. I wonder, what else do the powers that be have to do to get our attention?

And we have the trumpet sounds and blasts, which LMH reports have been increasing. In his Fall of the Roman Empire, the Roman Plutarch wrote about many omens presaging the collapse of that empire, including trumpet sounds blasting from the skies. He wrote: Plutarch writes of several omens that occurred around the time when Marius was “contriving that terrible outbreak of civil violence which did more damage to Rome than all her wars put together. There were many supernatural warnings of what was to come ..... But the most striking phenomenon of all was when the sound of a trumpet rang out from a perfectly clear and cloudless sky with a shrill, prolonged and dismal note so loud that people were driven half crazy with terror. The Etruscan wise men declared that his portent foretold a change over into a new world and a total revolution in the world.....than men of a different character and way of life have now come into the world”

I do think there is cause for alarm, not for fear but for attentiveness and for getting ready for significant change. I felt it all last year but even more so this year, a kind of shifting and twisting of energies as though the order of the world is collapsing, to make way, if we have the will and intelligence to focus our intentions and energies upon positive change, for a new world. In my circle of acquaintances alone, I have seen many people seeming to wake up from long dreams, reexamining their lives, their relationships, and feeling as though their inner reality is falling apart, making way for something new. What? Who knows? I think that will depend on us, individually and collectively. I write about it sometimes on my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/antonina.zraikat

A thought on the "cold water loneliness" that Whitley experienced in that time-shift episode. We can experience a kind of 'in between' level of awareness where our consciousness shifts to another level of awareness while still connected to body awareness, a kind of liminal area where the true nature of our physical being becomes for a moment totally clear. At that moment, we can sense the terrible loneliness and isolation of body on its own: totally detached from even its physical environment, never making actual contact with anything (as science now tells us is the case), not even one atom with the other, separate even from the consciousness that normally integrates mind, matter and spirit. I felt it only once, just for a moment, and it was a terrible cold aloneness, but it was enough to teach me what the spiritual masters meant when they spoke of the flesh as a prison, a stifling, lifeless thing that without the quickening lifeforce of consciousness would be unbearable. The psychic Edgar Cayce described it as something he always passed through when, in trance, he began 'moving' to another level of consciousness.

Whitley...the "singular hair" that you comb every morning was very funny. ;)