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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whitley Strieber's Experience with Strange Sounds

For three weeks, Whitley and Anne Strieber have witnessed strange sounds a number of times, including one ultra-high strangeness incident that took place in their apartment. Whitley has also corresponded with a number of witnesses and verified the authenticity of some of the videos that have been posted on YouTube amid a flood of hoaxes. Here, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe discuss the sounds he has heard and researched, and engage in careful speculation about what these sounds may represent.

This powerful discussion between two of the world's leading experts on high strangeness is rational, clear and, frankly, astonishing. Something extraordinary is happening in our world right now, and Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe ask the hard questions about it, and Whitley shares his own personal experience in a way that you simply cannot hear elsewhere. Extraordinary information.

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Two weeks ago I heard the trumpet sounds in Spring Valley, California, a suburb of San Diego, but oddly the sound only did two blasts. Other people have told me they are hearing some strange sounds...last night and the day before at the beach in San Diego, I was hearing some odd thumping sounds similar to the ones you hear on the YouTube vid in Colorado with the hikers....The thumps, sounding like they were coming from the west, even rattled my apartment windows a few times. I saw people looking around, wondering, then shrugging and going about their business of walking dogs and pushing baby strollers and mowing lawns...they won't take real notice until the mothership appears in the sky or southern California sinks in the deep blue, joining the ruins of Lemuria.

I heard a strange rushing sound in Santa Monica late last night. I recorded some of it, and will try tonight to track it down if it reappears. It was not loud but it was continuous and I cannot recall hearing a sound like it before recently. This is now the fourth time I have heard unusual sounds here.

Interesting conversation. I wonder if these sounds could be related to earth changes too, but maybe it has something to do with Earth's place and movement through space? I keep thinking of "the music of the spheres" when I hear these sounds.

Also, I wonder if some of these sounds ( like maybe the thumping) are related to fracking.

I was looking at a couple articles from the same news site on the boxes, and almost emailed a link to you, but I hesitated. Then, the person who emailed the original link to me found a page saying the writer of the article was a hoaxter. I regret that I erased the emails and don't have the link now, but was glad to hear that it came up, and that Linda Howe is digging deeper into it.

Plenty of strange sounds in Venice Beach! Any sightings or visits in Santa Monica? Sean Morton ssys, last week, there was a lot of UFO activity in Hermosa Beach. His weekly show "Strange Universe" rocks! -- it has the feel of classic Art Bell c. 1994-1997: opinionated rants, no screened calls...

I also recall hearing similar sounds in downtown San Diego late at night in 1987, so it has been here before. That night has been stamped in my memory. About 2-3 am, I drove around trying to find the origin of the strange sound but it did not seem to be coming from anywhere directional; like you said, Whitley, it was all-encompassing.

What about the YouTube vid of the trumpets coming from a triangular lights? Seems real enough. Ships that are not so quiet? Or Illumnati false flags playing on our End Time fears?

The sounds do sound strange and disconcerting, and the most likely explanation is some kind of mind-control event. The sounds have no source direction, which just about proves that they are being kindled internally in individuals, as when you strike a tuning fork and put it against your teeth. It's a trick musicians know; you can hear a tuning fork in this way no matter how loud the house is, since the teeth conduct the sound via bone no matter what the ear is doing.
(Pat Flanagan invented the Neurophone as a teenager without knowing why it worked. The State seized the patent from him, but eventually gave it back after they figured out that it transmitted sound via a cranial nerve in the face and bypassed the ear entirely. Since the processing takes place in the brain, all that is necessary is that the nerve react in a similar way to similar impulses, and the rest is software. It is somewhat surprising that no practice seems to be necessary to do this, but that suggests that there is a kind of neural encoding common to nerve propagation in various parts of the body. The phenomenon of brontophonic sound is less well understood (if at all) but if somebody has reduced the principle to engineering practice, they might be able to kindle specific sounds at will. In nature the brontophonic sounds are limited to pitched white (pink) noise in the form of sizzling, hissing, or crackling as meteors fall from the sky.)


Your idea doesn't explain why the sounds are apparently picked up by video recorders, and by the eyewitness accounts it's picked up accurately.

I'm still taking a skeptical stance on the "otherwordliness" of these alleged sounds, but definitely paying attention.

@BobInNJ, yes, you are correct and I am foolishly wrong in this respect. I am trying out ideas that take into account the known data points, which include both these conditions.
I also note that some of the recordings exhibit the rising and falling volume I associate with atmospheric acoustic ducting, where sounds carry further than expected due to reflections off thermal boundary layers in the atmosphere. For example, I live several miles from the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. Most of the time I can't hear concerts, but occasionally I can hear a jumble of sound from there rising and falling in volume. In the case of the mystery sounds, this may be an artifact of the recording.

Whitley and Linda:

There are numerous assertions that our Planet is being prepared to be moved into her new place in the heavens/universe. These assertions ring true to me. On a purely and deeply personal perspective - my instincts and spirit do not feel alarmed when I hear these sounds... but it does become excited and a feeling of anticipation is prevalent.

The sounds remind me of the sounds made when a vehicle is being towed. In particular, that initial clank sound when the tension and slack is tensed on the chain between the towing vehicle and the vehicle being towed and the initial sounds of the vehicle put into motion of being towed. This is the feeling I get when I hear those sounds. Like the planet is in initial stages of being moved. Ha ha - I know! I know! It sounds so far fetched but that is what it reminds me of. No matter what, the sounds remind me of initial movement of some sort whether it be a dumpster, a house being moved from one spot to another or a box car being moved from one rail track to another, etc.

Has anyone considered that the sounds maybe deep space sounds of a force we are not familiar with getting our planet ready to be moved? How would it sound if our planet was being moved into a new place in the Universe?

ugh, the Illinois sound reminds me of the Morlock's call to "dinner" for the Eloi... (The Time Machine)

I am an amateur composer and have a hobby studio at home (in the computer I am typing this on) and I have a bunch of waterphone samples. This instrument has long been a staple of horror movies and dramas; it is a hollow metal device partially filled with water with a number of metal bars of various lengths attached to the exterior. These tubes and bars are played with a violin bow to get metallic-organic scraping effects and resonances. Yes, some of them could imitate the Kiev sounds. These sounds could also be made from samples of the long horns used by the Tibetans (if you have the movie The Man Who Would Be King you can hear them in use).

Actually, many sounds could be warped into the Kiev recorded sound - animal bellows, snippets of soundtracks from movies with plenty of monster bellowing - like the Jurassic Park movies, Clash of the Titans, the recent Godzilla remake, Cloverfield, etc.

Seen Kevin Smith's movie "Red State"? The sounds of the "trumpets" (not!) near the end sound very much like some of these strange sounds recorded in various places. Is this yet another form of Hollywood disclosure? Seems too coincidental to be just a coincidence.

I'm am extremely happy to have Ms.Howe back on Dreamland.

Back in 2003 or 2004 I heard "Celestial Chimes" as I call them.
It was heard in the WLA area inside a house on the border of Santa Monica. I called my mother and she confirmed she heard them too. It was in the daylight hours as well. I tried to figure out if they were bells from some church even the tall spire on the Mormon Tower. But they really sounded more like chimes and a radio host on a radio station I had on in the background even remarked, "What was that? Did you hear that? When I tried to find the station I could not. The chimes were "Celestial Sounding" so very, very beautiful. Recently I have heard something in the background now that I live in Pacific Palisades. But when I went outside I couldn't hear it.

If you want to see some very interesting data, I got the origin of this sound as a blind target. Lots of similar things showed up to the group of us that ran it blind: