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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whitley Strieber's Encounter with a Black-Eyed Child

The reason that Whitley Strieber invited David Weatherly on Dreamland was that he had an encounter with a black-eyed child in the presence of another witness. Whitley describes this incredibly strange encounter to David, and gets the opinion of one of the few researchers who could be called an expert in this field.

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Whitley, I can't tell You how Grateful I am that You are Down Here !!!

A follow up to the comments on the BLACK-EYED CHILDREN interview:

Here's a bit more weirdness surrounding the pulp stories of The Shadow. None other than Robert Monroe, of THE MONROE INSTITUTE produced the early radio shows of THE SHADOW. Monroe explored the edge of human consciousness, and wrote the book Journeys Out of the Body.

Mike C!

So glad to afford the subscription again. I was getting Whitley withdrawl. lol.

Love your voice. I find it very soothing.

Interesting that the characters in this Shadow episode were Dahmer and Manson. Hmm. Creepy.

I recall listening to the shadow on my radio late at night turned down low so my mom wouldn't hear (becuase it was a school night) then getting so scared i cound not go to sleep. Thanks for shareing. Also now I'm unable to go to sleep because of the black eyed children. CREEEpy.
Blessings, Bernie

Holy mackeral. The Men in Black came to mind, some similarities. Whitley, when you were driving your son's friend to meet up with his father, and went to that bizarre place, I wondered if you went to the homes of the black eyed children.

How bizarre; I developed a sudden interest in old time radio myself a couple of years back. I believe I started listening to "Omar, The Wizard Of Persia" with that lovely orchestral theme tune from so long ago. I believe I also listened to "The Whistler" too. Very interesting that we should now hear "The Shadow" here at UC. Still, a fascinating subject overall. Such creepy characters knocking at the door is best not wished for. It's bad enough with the Jehovahs calling round.

Blue Coal.... Kobol...? That's a metaphor very rich in meaning, so frequently said that it almost becomes invisible.

Heehee! I had a disjointed moment - I'm listening to this scratchy radio show on my still-amazed-by-it-iPad.

I appreciated that The Shadow was included in the show. Thanks!

Great Show! Kind of reminds me of The Children of the Damned from the 60's.

I'm a lifelong fan of old time radio, especially the Shadow. The coolest MIB ever. Dynamite Comics just started a brand new Shadow series this month by Garth Ennis. I had no idea that Max Allan Collins used Gibson as a character, I have to read that, as I love both authors. Thanks for including The Shadow episode, it made an already memorable, incredible interview even better.

This is a sinister intrusion for sure.
It does make one very uneasy and
has bee difficult to ignore.

This piece on the black eyed children reminded me of an abduction regression. It was in the afternoon. A woman with black eyes was accompanied by a gray. She was just there. The abduction was about an hour in missing time. There was no interaction with her. I believe a physical examination of sorts was completed. In another abduction there would be another experiences with a black eyed woman. Except with this regression, severe pain in the right arm would cause the hypnotist to end the session. This would happen as I approached a room on the ship. This woman seemed to command a allot of superiority over the crew, as an officer would. The only words that came from her was for me to enter the room she was in. By a researcher she was identified as a Hybrid. She was one of many ET's pictures I sent to Linda Moulton Howe. I've not felt she was particularly scary. But I've seen many different ETs so may be less frightened.
Ken Hopkins

These black-eyed kids may be from another dimension but I think they are tulpas and here's why : Dion Fortune in her book "Psychic Self Defence" she related that one day she was thinking of someone whom she had a deep hatred for when all of a sudden she noticed a wolf-like creatures coming out of her solar-plexus. She imediately hit the creature and it disappeared. She called them "Thought-Forms Elementals."
These creatures seem to come out of our subconscious mind. Brad Steiger in his book" Mysteries In Time and Space" theorizes that most or all psychic phenomena is produce by our subconscious mind.The late D.Scott Rogo theorize in his book "Miracles" that so called miracles [such as weeping statures,etc.] are produced by our subconscious mind.
Dion Fortune did not intentionally created that Thought-Form but was created by her subconscious mind.Her Thought-Form was created out of hatred.The one that you saw Whitley seem to be created from fear.Which ask the question:Are these black-eyed kids a creation from our subconscious fears? [or as I like to call them Monsters From The Id ]

Nobody seems to remember the "Keene Kids" those black-eyed children paintings from the 70's. It seems that the woman who painted them and her husband (later ex-husband) who claimed credit both came to bad ends. Also, upon listening to the "Shadow" segment, I think it's interesting that 2 of the bad guys are "Manson" & "Dahmer."

Just throwing this out there, if they(visitors) can get in your head, cant they appear as dead loved ones? I dont like being fooled. Can We trust anything We see?
Whit, thank you for all you've done.

Are there any reports of animal behavior during an encounter with Black Eyed Children? I don't know why perhaps because I have a dog and thought through an encounter situation but the question continues to come up as I read the book.

Fascinating story. I tripped over this a week ago and I've been doing some research. Now I'm scared to death to sit on my deck at night or take the dog for a walk after dark. Not just freaked out like you are after you watch a good scary movie. But I'm literally terrified, which makes me wonder if there are some BECs around here and they just haven't approached me yet.

this "sinister intrusion" of the black-eyed children reminds me of the strange voice on the phone talking to Richard Gere in the Mothman Prophecies.