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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whitley Strieber's 2013 Predictions

Whitley Strieber outlines his expectations for 2013? Where are we with the close encounter experience? What about bigfoot and all the other anomalies? He describes the changes he expects to see in the new year, and you should expect to be surprised!

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Interesting observations...2013 will be filled with surprises, for sure, but to be clear, we really don't know, do we?

As for UFOs, and the visitors, whoever or whatever they may be, I have never really pictured them in an event that removes all doubt for the world. I see them as more personal. All great mysteries seem to occur that way, and not unlike Moses and God appearing as a burning bush. Now, I ask you, if your good friend or neighbor told you that story about himself, how would you take it?

While it would be great if the government sat up, cried 'Uncle!' and finally acknowledged their secrets, it probably ain't going to happen, because they have so little true understanding of it themselves that I feel certain that they do not want to let on that they also have no control over it. And they are all about control, no? However, those of us in the 'know' have set our own path, and with no real constraints on how we think and feel. They truly have no control over us, at least not our souls.

Happy New Year!

Would someone explain how to listen to this on my iPad using the Goodreads app as Whitley suggested? I can't seem to figure it out.

Whitley, that was wonderful! I have tears in my eyes. I so appreciate you. I hope that this year I can go to your conference and meet you in person.

Who knows what the Gods would do?

@itslaura. In the GoodReader app -- not goodreads--- there is a web browser, find it under the heading 'Web Downloads'. Use this to go to unknowncountry.com and press on the audio link you want to listen to. It will give you an option to 'Download Linked File'. Press that. It will download that audio program and you can begin listening to it in goodreader.

Oh! you don't have to download the file really. Stream it by pressing the option 'Follow Link' instead. (I got a little error message but i dismissed it, it then started streaming normally.)

@sophie Thank you SO MUCH. I drove myself crazy all day trying to figure out why I couldn't figure out how to listen using Goodreads. So it's Goodreader we want, not Goodreads!

I used to be able to listen to the show on my iPad without any problems, now it only plays the beginning then restarts. I wonder if that started happening when iOS 6 was released.

Thanks again.

Right on! Cosmic Librarian, the only thing we really know is the truth of our own inner being!

I agree with you Whitley. I don't know exactly where the information came from but I have been casually sharing with my friends the fate of mankind. Life of humanity only has two true paths, to evolve (or ascend as is often the term these days) or go instinct. I have been sharing this message since I was a teenager. Although something tells me that at a certain level we have crossed to threshold of evading extinction. However the birthing pains of a new humanity are to be still, it is a fundemtal mechanism of progress. Without struggle there is no progress as stated so many different way from many great souls over the years. I think the one thing you may have left out is economics and how it has shown its card of sustainability.
So you have solar flares, climate change, economics, and the beings from outside of our consciousness which all stand at our cusp. You see it and I see it. I see this as part of the falling of the veil. However, I think the others will not become part of our every waking day reality until the other cards of probability are dealt.

Thank you Whitley for everything that you and Ann do. We are very grateful for your voice and the insights that you share with us. Happy New year Year!!!

Thank you Whitley...V.

Whitley has stated, here and other times, that we will have to wait a long time to recur/reincarnate because Earth is in the birthing process for a new world to emerge.

But, TIME (past/present/future) is simultaneous, right?

So, the soul (individually or collectively) would not have to "wait" to recur/reincarnate. It would simply opt for a suitable time-stream and make different/better choices.

Maybe this is the purpose of multiple dimensions, to provide the soul opportunity to ascend/transition.

Fabulous presentation Whitley, and lots of food for thought! Thanks.

Wow- Had to dust myself off after that one whit! Holy Mind blower Batman! I could certainly feel and hear the excitement in your voice through that whole thing! Im excited too, and as always... a little scared! I feel so lucky to be graced by your life experiences and plan to expand on my own journey, which would be a more limited perception if not for all that you've shared! Happy New Year to you and Anne my brother! Namaste...

remember, you can't chase or seek joy , you must ---have joy.