Special Interviews
Friday, February 18, 2011

Whitley Strieber Reads from Hybrids Chapter 3: Human Meets Hybrid

Whitley Strieber reads Chapter Three of his upcoming book Hybrids. Deep in the forests of Big Basin south of San Francisco, a team of Delta Force experts come face-to-face with the most amazing creatures the world has ever known: human-alien hybrids. Or is that what they are? There may be a deeper secret here...

Hybrids will be in bookstores on April 12.

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Loving these reading Whitley! Glad to be a subscriber!

Once again, your original concepts have surprised me! I love Hybrids! It’s packed with creepy imagery I can practically touch! I am anxiously awaiting April 12th. I like your reading voice too. I will purchase both your book and the audio book if you are doing the reading.

Ah, Whit, I love listening to you read!! Cheers Mate x x x