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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whitley Strieber Reads His Delightful Story "Secret Zoos."

What if there were secret zoos hidden here and there where the animals could talk? That's the premise of this lovely and inspiring story that Whitley Strieber reads for Christmas. Written in 1968, it's part of the legendary "Evenings with Demons" short story book that now sells for hundreds of dollars, if you can even find a copy. So sit back and enjoy this charming Christmas present from our resident elf, Whitley Strieber!

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To those looking for a copy of Evenings With Demons, here are a couple links:

Prices ranging from $5.98 to $15.25, plus there's an ebay listing for around $81.00 or so.

Hope this helps those looking for this gem.

Am I allowed to post this time?

Does anyone want to discuss this story? Like how did the Tapir smoke a pipe if he didn't have any hands? Who do the animals represent? Those of us who are caged, helpless and can talk to each other, but don't? Was the old woman and the young woman the feminine side of all of us, and that's why he'd always known her?

If we were discussing this in person, I'd never ask these questions, but since you can't see me, or know who I am, I guess I don't need to worry about being ridiculed because I'm missing the whole point of the story (no doubt).