Special Interviews
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tesla, Hidden Pyramids and High Strangeness

In this incredible brain bender of a conversation, Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe discuss the implications of structures that can generate power and transmit it wirelessly, and how this secret may have been uncovered by Nicola Tesla in his laboratory in Manhattan in the 1890s. (Tesla demonstrated his equipment's ability to cause lightbulbs to illuminate at a distance, and said that he had discovered an extraordinary power source that would change the world. After his death, all of his patents and equipment were seized by federal authorities and have remained hidden ever since.)

Toward the end of the conversation, Whitley Strieber briefly mentions an incredible personal experience of moving backward in time on a streetcorner in Manhattan in 1983--and then proceeds to add that this happened just a few hundred feet from where Tesla's lab would have been operating during the period in the past to which Whitley returned!

They also talk about the fact that there may be an ongoing conflict among nonhumans about the fate of mankind, and how urgent it is becoming that any such conflict be resolved in our favor.

This is just plain phenomenal. Fasten your seatbelts, folks!

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Audio just shuts off. What is up with the streaming, what did you change, I cannot listen on my iPad anymore.

I've had the same problem with streaming. I had been listening over my iPhone on long car drives, and it worked well for over a year. Now I get unexpectedly cut off. It thought it might be due to problems with the cell phone network. Any ideas?

Dito on the streaming just cutting of at ramdom places on my ipad. what has changed?

Robin, try (purchase) the app iCab Mobile, a much better browser. I download interviews on it and it allows me to transfer, and listen to the downloaded files on any other audio app I have on my ipad. Safari doesn't have that option.

Also, you may set up a bookmarklet to easily have a Safari webpage quickly transfered over to the icab browser. Its just a neat little browser.

I just tried streaming this page in iCab, and it works fine. Safari no longer works, don't know why. Might be due to your private browsing settings? Yes, just turned off the private browser and the streaming now works for me in Safari.

Try this for starters.

There was a thread on the above website about the inter connection of Pyramids and other ancient sites around the world that when you looked at the entire Earth there was a geometric pattern that was formed into mini dodecahedrons i believe.

I figured the issue out,if you download it and then play it it stops on about 14.53 but if you right click on download and then select "open link in new tab" the whole file plays.

The assumption seems to be these energy-generating structures, eg. the Alaskan pyramid, were hidden from us for nefarious purposes. Perhaps, on the contrary, they were constructed by beings, perhaps even advanced humans, who constructed and buried these things to be discovered and activated thousands of years later when humanity has evolved to a suitable level. Mythology does talk about ancient civilizations and star travellers, but it also talks about vital knowledge and technology being hidden on earth to be revealed only when humanity is ready for them. To me, this is just as likely as the idea that these might be 'residual' artifacts. The problem is that if governments are aware of them, they will, as they did with Tesla and MANY others, hide these potentially valuable future resources from us to keep us dependent on their big corporations and their military power. That is why your work, Whitley, and Linda's is SO important, because the more that we know about such possible resources, and about the depths to which governments and corporations would go to to keep us dependent, the more likely we - the people - are to take charge of our own futures. On the other hand, if these things were given to us to help us in future, when we really need them, those who created them might reveal themselves and offer help. The choice then will be to recognise the good guys or submit to the bad. Keep helping us awaken, Whitley and Linda. And remain optimistic!

did this work on your ipad or mobile thingy??? I will give this a try, because I love listening to Whitley, and am very sad it will not work anymore.

did this work on your ipad or mobile thingy??? I will give this a try, because I love listening to Whitley, and am very sad it will not work anymore.

Hey Sophie, I just apped Icab and am listening now, hope it works, if it does I want to say a huge thank you, because this is my fav thing to do, listen to whitley in the evening in bed with the cat. The app was only 1.49 for many enjoyable listening evenings. So far so good........am at the point where it shuts off, ..........oh no, it just shut off, well I guess it does not work for me. Anymore ideas????

sophie, how do you turn off a private browser???

Robin, I use the iCab browser to download the program. To download, I long-press the Download MP3 link, which is to hold your finger on the link for a few long seconds. A list of options will pop up. Tap on the Download File and it will begin downloading. How do you know its downloading? Look at the circular icon with a picture of an downward arrow on, it will be indicating this. Its located to the right of the bookmarks.

Once its finished downloading, tap on that circular icon, you will see the file as the last listed there, or the only one as its the first downloading you've done.

To play it, tap on this file or long-press it, and you can choose which app to play it on My app options are AVPlayer (a great app in itself, I use to watch movies), Dropbox, Evernote and GoodReader. Funny it never lists the Ipad default music app. Go figure. Hopefully you will have some audio apps other than this default app.

Hope it works for you.

As to the private browser thing. If you don't remember turning it on, then its likely not the issue, and I suspect it will turn off at 14.5 minutes too.

To turn private browsing on or off for the Safari browser, go to Settings app, go to Safari, go to Private Browsing, turn on or off, whichever the case may be.

cheers Sophie, as per your instructions all good now. Wonder what the heck happened to safari and unknown country. my tech guy had to come round and do this for me, but thanks again for your help. Sincerely, Rita x x

just a wonderful,informative show..truly enjoyed it

Just Put the ruler from Google Earth on the Great Pyramid at Giza to the so called Alaska Pyramid,curiously it came to 6002 miles