Special Interviews
Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whitley Strieber and Clare Henry: the Angels in Our Lives

Whitley Strieber and Clare Henry tell stories of the angels in their lives. Listen as they share their powerful stories with us. Clare says, 'I am an ordinary person who has experienced many extraordinary spiritual encounters with angels, the most profound being a near death experience' Whitley tells a stunning story of how a guardian angel prevented him and Anne from being murdered, and the proof of the angelic intervention.

Clare says, 'We walk with the protection and love of God and the Angels. They are are here and have always been here since the beginning of life on earth, to guide, protect and nurture us with love …to help us steer our ships to enlightenment. Their highest hope is that we become like them.'

This beautiful and powerful discussion will take you closer than you have ever been to the reality of angelic beings.

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Such a wonderful interview and conversation. Marla'a interview was also so intimate I have met Clare her being radiates in person as well.

Beautiful show. Don't miss it.