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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is a War Between the Worlds Breaking Out?

The strange phenomenon of the booms must have a natural origin, but there is no clear answer as to what that might be. Whitley Strieber asks Linda Moulton Howe for her thoughts about their true nature. Linda describes incidents where, on perfectly clear nights, a flash of white light is seen by a witness, followed by an explosion. Linda has personally investigated many such reports and again and again is finding the same thing: there was either no inclement weather in the area, or no weather that would cause any lightning and thunder, let alone a single flash and a single clap of thunder.

So Whitley asks her what she thinks is happening. She says, "the situation raises the issue of other dimensions or black hole travel or bending space-time." She and Whitley go on to speculate about what sort of new phenomenon might be at work, because even as recently as 25 years ago, unexplained booms such as the ones we hear now were extremely uncommon. Now, hardly a night passes in the United States without one or more being reported.

Do they represent some sort of change in nature, or are we experiencing the side effects of a technology of which we know nothing? Could this be what it's like when a war is being fought in a parallel universe? Or is some other profound energetic event taking place?

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This show and the facts of it do not surprise me. Coast to Coast host John B. Wells, had a guest on the Tuesday January 8, 2013 show, that was compelled to use a voice modulator to hide his true identity. His alias is Cobra.

Most of the time when I listen to anyone like Cobra, I use incredible discernment without judgment as my thinking is that there is NO bad information until it defines itself as such. BUT when this man spoke, I immediately knew inside of me that his words were true. Everything about Cobra resonated with me and not just this podcast of Whitley's, but other radio shows and pod-casts covering these kind of events only support and strengthen that resonance and resolve that what Cobra asserts is actually taking place right before our eyes, hearts, minds and consciousness.

Cobra revealed that a war going on in OUR very Galaxy and Universe over us and this planet, just like Whitley thought about the battle being fought over "us" as "sheep." Apparently, the war being fought for US and FOR this planet is between the Pleiadians (or the Galactic Federation of Light) and those we term the "GRAYS," or Archons, i.e., other negative etheric entities or beings - (FALLEN ANGELS of the BIBLE?).

In my mind, everything I have ever learned as a physical being on this planet and all the spiritual experiences I have had in this lifetime (which are numerous) come to a declaration of ascendancy with the assertions made by Cobra, to include but are not limited to: the biblical allegory, riddle and rhyme becoming clear and cogent in conjunction with the mysteries of the secret societies, ancient texts, unearthed scrolls, etc., also fitting in nicely to the puzzle of this life and all its so called secrets, the exposing of asserted lies by the reigning powers and/or the darkness of the veil that has been forced upon us all. Everything is becoming so clear to me FINALLY. What happens in darkness will be revealed by the LIGHT?

Cobra has had some negative press, but that should NOT sequester the message he is valiantly trying to bring us. Furthermore, this particular statement taken off his blog at
really supports deep feelings I have inside about the plight of humanity and our planet:

"Significant progress has been made in the last few days. The Light forces were finally able to put a virus into the etheric mainframe computer of the etheric Archon grid. This will have important long term consequences. There will be constant and expanding cracks in the etheric matrix and more and more Light and Love from the Galactic central sun will shine through. The long awaited Golden Age will finally slowly begin to manifest for humanity." Tuesday, January 8, 2013, Etheric Liberation, http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

I do not know about anyone else, but this is what MY SPIRIT has been waiting for and why it incarnated to be here during this time. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and who knows? Maybe the sounds/booms, light bursts, etc., happening over our skies is exactly what COBRA is conveying. I am excited and not at all fearful. I wish everyone else was too.

LOVE and LIGHT to all,

Sheepishly smiling here. I have never been so "in your face" so to speak, about these subjects before. I am sitting here wondering if I should have posted the above post about Cobra. I have no clue how far human-kind's minds can or is willing to stretch, what IT is generally able to process mentally or how much most people are willing to entertain and ponder.

I apologize here and now if my post in any way whatsoever adversely affects anyone, anywhere. Please bear with me as I come out of my shell and speak that which is deep inside me and have been shy thus far, to express. MY true INTENTION is to bring another approach using love and light as the tools to combat what this world is facing and to balance any negativity/fear with a bit of positive/love.

Shalom everyone... peace out

For the last several years, there has been all sorts of weirdness in the skies overhead, day and night. I'm in the midwest, out in the country. By weirdness, I mean several things that I've talked about on my blog... weird aircraft, some of it obviously black ops, or whatever... now, for the last few months, there's some odd, low flying craft that doesn't look like a plane or a helicopter that travels a regular route from southeast to northwest, and back... it makes this loud purr-rumble sound that is very irritating, and vibrates through the house.

There have been the strange booms here, but not recently. However, there has been several episodes of loud rumbling sounds that were not likely because of any thunder in the area. I didn't see any sign of a storm. And given, it's been a drought here, that makes it even less of a possibility.

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that war is taking place. Who? What? That, I don't know. Global factional wars? a hidden civil war? Wars between/with ETs. War that involves the breakaway civilization? What about the remnant populations here? From other times? Underground and undersea remnant populations? Dimensional beings, time travelers???


I think Linda Moulton Howe would be interested in hearing about the strange aircraft in your area. Have you written her an email about it yet?

I don't think there is a difference between fighting over us, or fight over the earth.

Could there be something more prosaic behind the explosions and lights: secret construction of massive underground system perhaps by certain govt. elements, perhaps a weapons system, energy-harvesting or creation system something like apparently exists at the Alaska pyramid, a bunker system designed to house certain people for long periods when life on the surface of earth becomes dangerous - for whatever reason? If it is human activity, which I consider quite possible, I would not be surprised if it was being monitored by ET's, and it could cause earthquakes.
Now I write this as one of the people who has heard a loud boom or noise seeming to come from the sky. It is interesting that no one else seems to have heard the booms described on this interview, because that's want happened to me. I was working in a store in a busy commercial area in Queensland Australia when I heard a very loud, prolonged but kind of fluctuating sound, like a slow explosion. It was nothing like I've ever heard, but it sounded like I would expect a bomb might sound, but it was much more prolonged, lasting for at least one minute. I felt that the sound came from the sky, but I looked around at ground level to see if something had happened. The sky was clear, no lights, and to my surprise, only a few other people were looking up or paying attention, though the very loud boom lasted for a little while. Later, I asked around and found that most had not even heard it. I haven't heard anything similar since.

I have heard many booming, strange supersonic, sounds over the years that literally gave me goose bumps and the hair on my arms stand straight up while in the company of friends who experienced the same things I was.

I still remember the first one my friend Dave and I heard in 2001 in the Rio Grande Area of Texas on a cloudy day. IT lasted for about a minute and a half and literally hurt our ears to hear it. It was not a sound he or I have ever heard before nor is it one either he or I could describe in words. The only thing both Dave and I totally agreed on regarding the sound was that it was NOT from this world.

I think this kind of thing has been going on for a long time and many of us have heard the booms, sounds, etc.

Thank you Sange, for your profound commentary. What is being explained resonates also resonates with me.
This is a safe space in which to speak your truth. Don't stop now...

Thank you Liz. I am sorry for my tardy reply to your kindness. THANK YOU****

It is not always a habit of mine to read through peoples posts but my gosh, the comments on this website are so intelligent, well thought out, and articulated so well, that I actually read people's post and I feel like I am amongst greatness, thus I GET SHY!

Your kindness only reinforces that greatness.

Smiling happily here...