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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Triangles, Strange Sounds and the End Times

On July 12 Megadeth drummer Nick Menza recorded a triangular UFO over Los Angeles. Here, Linda Moulton Howe interviews witnesses who had powerful and frightening experiences with just such triangles that included eerie and terrifying trumpet sounds that have been heard around the world in recent years. One of these witnesses had an extremely close and terrifying encounter with a triangle. There was some sort of a threat involved concerning the remote viewing work that this witness was doing near Area 51. 

These are very unusual and powerful testaments, well worth your careful attention.

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I might have written this sometime before when Linda M-H first spoke about strange sounds and trumpet sounds, but I write it again as it is relevant to this conversation. The Roman historian Plutarch writes of several omens that occurred around the time when Marius was “contriving that terrible outbreak of civil violence which did more damage to Rome than all her wars put together. There were many supernatural warnings of what was to come ..... But the most striking phenomenon of all was when the sound of a trumpet rang out from a perfectly clear and cloudless sky with a shrill, prolonged and dismal note so loud that people were driven half crazy with terror. The Etruscan wise men declared that his portent foretold a change over into a new world and a total revolution in the world.....that men of a different character and way of life have now come into the world” (p 66 Plutarch Fall of the Roman Empire).

It is no coincidence that when these sounds were heard, Rome's monolithic power was already beginning falling apart from within, and not too long afterward, the Roman Empire was crumbling, and Western civilization was on a completely new course in which the fast growing church sought and eventually gained authority over Europe's many monarchies and tribal allegiances slowly gave way to ideas of statehood. History books brush over these transitions, but in many ways, they were cataclysmic. Perhaps we are in not only for natural disaster, but for "a change over into a new world and a total revolution in the world."

Yes, I totally agree with Whitley, that now more than ever, we need, individually and as communities, to steel ourselves spiritually and psychically by grounding ourselves firmly in compassionate, courageous, self-aware consciousness by establishing and maintaining a practice of prayer, meditation, or whatever other practices help to centre and keep us in the circle of courage, compassion and truth.

Linda and Whitley….. This is an excellent interview and am wondering how people could mentally prepare for such a disaster. We all need to think about putting a plan together and to work out scenarios on how to locate families and friends should this happen. (Actually a plan for any natural disaster).

There would be sooo much devastation, depending of course on the magnitude of the quake. All of the United States would certainly be affected in some way. This would be NO small event SO, do not be looking for the UPS or FEDEX delivery any time soon.


Another problem altogether could result from the 15 nuclear power plants around the New Madrid region. All of the power plants are of the same or similar design as the ones that failed after Japan’s recent earthquake and resulting tsunami, according to ABC News.


Potential Impact of a Major New Madrid Earthquake Today…..