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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Toxic Prayer, Black Magic and the True Power of the Supernatural

Are things like the legendary Hawaiian 'death prayer' and other negative prayers and curses effective simply because of suggestion, or is there a deeper reason? Richard Smoley explains to Whitley Strieber that a true black magician will strive to keep his activities secret so that his targets won't realize that they are under attack--and he tells some chilling stories about how victims who had no idea they were being cursed suffered the effects anyway.

So how can we counteract such things and, above all, how can we make our POSITIVE prayers work on behalf of ourselves and others? 

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I either really missed something in this interview, but I didn't see much content about curses, prayer work, etc. Disappointing...

So where was part 2? That's the part I missed...

I'm assuming it's the The Secret History of the Supernatural?

Doesn't sound like it. Where's part 2? Is it up yet or?

the main show informed ,the subscriber part was a piece of something else (rarity).


Ever wonder why they named it "JPL", when they never worked on ONE single jet? That's right, rockets were the norm at JPL. Man I hate sharing my last name with that jack-ass.

Awesome interview. As someone who's been a victim of dark prayer, I find this interview invaluable.