Special Interviews
Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Time Traveler Phenomenon

The closer we get in time to the point where time travel begins, the more clear it will become that there are time travelers around us. Whitley and Anne Strieber and Starfire Tor discuss time travel and time travelers. Was the person that Whitley saw during the timeslip experience he and Anne had last week a time traveler? How can we identify such people in our midst? What are they able to do, and what can't they do? Normally, the discussion is about whether or not time travel is possible. Here, we go beyond that and ask the question: how can we identify them among us right now?

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Someone on another site started a thread about how the phrase "Polar Vortex" had never been used before weathermen started using it this yesr. Got me thinking about that Prof. looking for time travel using internet searches for mentions if things not known at that time. So here I am a new subscriber going through the 2004 archives and there's the phrase "Polar Vortex" in the archives. So, is Whitley the time traveller? Do I win the prize?

No. I am sorry. You do not win the prize. The phrase "polar vortex" has been used since the 1950's at least. The false statement that the term was not used until recently is anti- Climate Change rightist political propaganda. On his television program, Meterologist Al Roker showed a text book from that era that defined the
term. The charge is false, along with almost all of the other anti- Climate Change rhetoric from Rightist politicos. Apparently, their attitude is "Ignore the truth and it will set you free". LOL Well, it will set you free from having to deal with the Truth until it is too late. Thus the danger. Be aware and be informed about the Truth.