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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time Travel: Is It ALREADY HERE??

Whitley Strieber has had a couple of spectacular time travel experiences, and here he asks Marie D. Jones what they may mean and how they might happen. He has also had 'time slips' and he brings these to Marie. There is also an incredible discussion of the fact that scientists have recently discovered that wormholes might actually be opened, especially into parallel universes.

They also discuss Marie's research that suggests that children were used in military time-travel experiments, using a certain type of 'chair.' In his book the Secret School, Whitley discusses time travel experiences in his own childhood. Whitley tells of a moment in March of 1983 when he slipped back in time on a streetcorner in New York City--and announces a recent discovery about the location where this happened that is a real stunner.

This is a riveting journey into the possibilities of time travel between an expert researcher and a person who has actually had such experiences, something that is available in only one place, at least in this world at this time: Unknowncountry.com!

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Whitley mentions that the foil material from the Roswell crash was welded together in a way that gave it the unique properties that have been described.

Does anyone know what that pattern was? Was it hexagonal? (Like the pattern found in bee hives).

I love the movie "the time shifters." Its about time travelers visiting 20th century disasters, tries to change the history they know by averting upcoming disasters. This interview reminded me of it.

Please please more Philip K. Dick tie ins and stories!!!

The Empire Never Died

I think it is useful to consider that time and energy in our local space-time realm exists close to a local 2D brane (at the planck length). Also, that the mathematics we know is only equipped to describe this space-time realm. The reason for this is because we have a mathematics based upon redundant units. In math, 1=1. The number 1642 is imagined to be the same as any other 1642 that arises. Essentially, what this means is that a very focused and dense portion of reality is being outlined, the redundant nature of these units create a tendency in reality as they are utilized. Topologically, numbers describe a 2 D realm of dense energy. This is the heart of atomic energy and electromagnetic energy. We are therefore mired in a spatial and energetic brane that is very focused and local in nature. What happens when we merge with this brane fully, or we travel outside of the brane? I liken this to the experience of being in flatland---once we travel outside of our local 2 D space-time brane life may be very different for us indeed. Mathematics may change, and references to the past or future may also change. Mathematics, as I see it, is something that relies fundamentally upon context and flow, not upon rock solid and rigid redundancies. Perhaps our mathematics should change to encompass nascent realities. As it stands currently, its flaws may be holding it back. Everything is different, all units are unique. What 1=1 means is that "what occurred, occurred". It is transparency. It means that from a broader perspective of mind, the observer saw what happened. It does not mean that units are redundant. 2+2=equals 4 of something, but not the same things. All units are unique in composition. Conventional Science has discovered mainly what is already here, in our Universe, not what is outside. To do that, it must move beyond its restrictive notions of mathematics. Using generative mathematics may allow Science or the user to puncture ceilings that existed previously. It may allow a user to drill through barriers that once held him back. It may permit one to create wormholes. For example, what happens to you when I utter something that is seemingly gibberish? You are usually taken aback, you have to adjust to assimilate what I said. Using a generative format enables one to crack the whip, and make the Universe adjust to one's own parameters. There is palpable power in becoming the originator. But if you hear what I said again, its effect will lessen, since you have already adjusted to it--- having me repeat the same words causes them to lose their potency (like when one tells an old joke). A constant, ever changing stream of positive, original ideas or energy can travel outside of our local 2 D space-time realm. That's how one can transcend our local space-time.

yes, please more on Phillip Dick, "adjustment bureau" phenomena...maybe Starfire Tor could be invited to talk about this?

To my mind, there are two distinct types of energy in reality at large. One, there is the energy of the Universe. This type of energy is focused aligned, local. Energy such as this merges with space-time. Light is one example of energy merging with the space-time brane. Once one becomes one with the light field, perspective begins to change---time stops (the ultimate point of focus) and all points in space and time are are instantaneously available to one living there, everything touches. Next, there is the energy of anti-alignment. Anti-alignment energy travels beyond the realm of the Universe. It can depart this Universe, and it speeds up time. It is part of pure consciousness. Anti-alignment energy is completely expansive, and it moves out of alignment with the space-time brane. All units in anti-alignment are unique, they don't repeat, coincidences don't happen there there is just generation, not redundancy. Thus, two types of energy exist: focused aligned energy, and anti-aligned energy. Merging with the space-time brane makes quantum entanglement and effects possible, while using anti-alignment would enable one to extricate oneself from the confines of the Universe. The energy of youth, with its ability to process and contain electrogmagnetic energy, is the realm of focused alignment. The energy of age is the realm of anti-alignment. This explains why older people experience a speeding up of time, they are literally begining to leave the space-time brane. Youth, with their intense connection to the space-time brane, experience time as moving more slowly, closer to halting. Focused alignment and anti-alignment are states of being. To envision it, imagine a circle. That circle has lines every 5 degrees (like bicycle spokes),which point with arrows, towards a dot at the precise center (which is the planck length). That's focused alignment. Anti-alignment is the exact opposite, the arrows point outwards, towards the edges of the circle and away. Using the energies of focused and anti-alignment is perhaps the key to Time Travel.

Once one has left the Universe (through the use of anti-alignment energies) , one might re-enter at a selected point, using a focused aligned point as a guide and destination point. Or, one might merge fully with the space-time brane (coming into total focused alignment) and exploit instantaneous connections via superposition (as time stopped) in order to travel through space and time.