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Friday, April 15, 2011

Susan Joy Rennison: the Sun and the Human Mind

On March 2, William Henry interviewed Susan Joy Rennison on Revelations and Whitley Strieber was taken aback by a flood of new ideas about the relationship between the human mind and something we as much take for granted as we do not understand: the sun. He said that he thought it was one of the most important and valuable interviews he'd ever heard, and immediately went deeper for our subscribers in this riveting exploration of some of the most powerful and most secret information you will ever hear.

However, the interview did not run in the subscriber area as scheduled, so we're making up for that error by running it this week. The discussion of the Federal Reserve between Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber will be run at a later time.

You can learn more about Susan's work at SusanRennison.com.

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I'm very interested in how one would go about mentally focusing plasma in order to reflect radiation. Would our blood plasma play a role in this, or is it only airborne/atmospheric/ambient plasma? How does plasma relate to the energetic fields which surround us? How directly can we access plasma with our cultivated intention?

There is one meditation that I know of, called the Golden Light Method in qigong practice, which uses the sun as a point of focus and has the practitioner work directly with their aura/bioelectric field in a protective and regenerative capacity, but I don't know that this would be potent enough to make a person withstand intense radiation. Should anyone be interested in looking at the Golden Light Method, I would be happy to email it to you as scanned images.

Also, I came across a study regarding the bioelectric field which surrounds living organisms and its potential use for regenerative medicine. It is my opinion that by understanding the bioelectric field and how it relates to our cosciousness we may be able to design meditations or mental exercises which would enable us to protect ourselves and those around us as needed. Further, if I understand the information put forth in this study properly, in combination with concerted meditation practice and a deep intimacy with the electron fields around us, we may be able to heal ourselves and others with remarkably little effort. This is all speculation however, and I invite you to read the study and examine it within the context of your own practice and experience. Further, I definitely encourage you to discuss what you find with myself and this discussion board.

The study is:
Bioelectric mechanisms in regeneration: Unique aspects and
future perspectives. By Michael Levin
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 20 (2009) 543–556
The journal homepage is www.elsevier.com/locate/semcdb

If anyone has any further information on cultivating an energy field strong enough to directly reflect or withstand intense radiation, I would be sincerely interested in discussing it.
My email is RobRoman212@gmail.com, if anyone would like to contact me directly.

God bless you all, go in light and honor.

Great interview. I am glad there was a mixup with the recording, or I would not have seen it now. I have had a recurring vision where I see a large door. There is a very loud voice telling me that I do not have much time. I have not had a clue about what the heck it means. For some reason, when I heard this interview, it has resonated with me.