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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strange Sounds: Many Hoaxes, but also Something Real.

Here, Whitley Strieber discusses the strange sounds being heard worldwide, as well as those he has personally heard. As he points out in the discussion, a great many of these are hoaxes, and they are of two kinds. The first kind is hoaxes where the sound is actually being generated by the person making the video. The second and more common type is the video where a strange sound has been captured from another video and reposted. People are apparently doing this for fun and, in some cases, to create the impression that the 'last trump' of the bible is being sounded and the end of the world is at hand.

Whitley mentions two videos in his talk, one of which is a known hoax, and one of which he has personally verified with the individual who made the recording.

To listen to the hoax, click here.

To listen to the verified audio, click here.

In the verified audio, there are two sounds. One is a rushing sound from the sky that is similar to what Whitley has also heard. The second is a higher pitched sound that could be a distant siren. However, the person who made the recording drove two miles in the apparent direction of the second sound, and could not locate a source, nor did it get louder. This means that it was possibly being projected by unusual atmospheric conditons from a great distance off, or it was originating in the sky.

Whitley also mentions a report from the Canadian earthquake reporting service to the effect that shaking on South Vancouver Island is due to sounds of unknown origin and not earthquakes. To read that report, click here.

Here is a listing of all strange sound recordings posted so far. (This listening does not attempt to tell the difference between hoaxes and genuine recordings. Unfortunatley, the hoaxers are doing their most damaging work when attempts like this to create distribution maps are attempted.) To
see the list, click here.

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This is pretty spooky stuff. I know there are a lot of fakes out there. What do you suspect the percentage of real sounds are as opposed to the hoaxes?

I live in northeast Oklahoma. In November I heard the same long low rumbling sound. There was no storms, no wind, it was a very calm night, the rumble went on so long I went outside through the back door onto our deck and as I looked toward the railroad tracks to see if it was a train, it wasn't a train. However, I did see something strange that frightened me. As I stood there and I have told no one except my husband. I saw a very tall thin man dressed in what looked like a long light colored coat which came below his knees and pants the same color striding along the road next to the rail tracks. He had short blond hair and walked with an ease one doesn't see in someone who looked to be at least 8 feet tall. I judged the height as he was walking by a tractor trailer sitting on its pins, not attached to a truck and he was the same height. The oddest thing of all was I just walked back into the house and went to sleep. This is a small conservative town and any male dressed like that would be noticed and not accepted. I have never seen anyone matching that description. I don't know if the long low rumbling was connected but this is what happened. I might add my husband, myself , and my grandchildren have heard and seen odd things around the house within the last three years. My husband is in the army and stays at Fort Hood, Texas and comes home periodically so I can take care of my grandchildren. At first, he thought I was crazy when I would tell him things ,until, he came home and saw some things himself this past November. Now, he believes me. What could be happening?

But what is it?Sounds like it's coming from inside the Earth,a shifting of tectonic plates perhaps.Or maybe somebody is drilling underground in anticipation of something.The noises are kind of biblical and armegeddon like though.
A side note on meditation,I've done your meditation focusing on physical sensation but I've discovered that when you actually tense each part you are focusing on then release them as you are breathing deeply the meditation is much deeper and more relaxing,and even better if you engaged in daily physical exercise.
I saw a U.F.O. after meditating like that in my 20's,I'm sure there is a connection between the two.

Not sure if this is GOOD or bad or NOTHING at all but in a dream last night I was walking down a dirt road after leaving an old lodge. I stopped to look over a fence when I see a few concrete looking buildings. THEN I see a NEW steam vent forming on level ground; the steam itself just starting to escape. I realize at this moment that I am in Yellowstone National Park. (I checked out the USGS page today and there does not seem to be any activity going on. There is such a sense of unease these days and most likely the reason for this dream).


Thank you for outlining state of coherence. I found this very helpful and enlightening.

Thank you for this Whitley. I woke up to this sound phenomenon just two weeks ago, and was starting to try to wade through the hoaxes. Your work was very helpful and saved me a good deal of confusion about whether to trust my intuition that there was a phenomenon behind the hoaxes. Last week on Thursday I also heard the sound for about ten minutes while I was at work. This sort of coincidence no longer surprises me. It sounded exactly like the background thrumming without the siren sound from the video linked above.

I am wondering if other people have reported what I experience more often than not these days when listening to UC interviews. I come to a place where, when I am listening even a little passively, I miss a passage completely but then the same thing happens in the same place even after multiple listenings, and then I get stroppy and back up and listen with just full-out concentration and can barely get through. Is something masking specific places in order to gently censor information? In this case it happened at 19 minutes in... It always feels the same, a gentle defocusing, and I now recognize it as a red flag that simply points out what is worth paying the most attention to, so whatever it is, it's backfiring!

Hello everyone,

These stories are so amazing. I live in a very remote part of the Northern Territory of Australia. I have not heard any sounds like this. It's one of those things, though, that just reading what others have experienced gives credence and depth to the phenomenon. As usual, it is so under-reported, or not reported, in general media. I always wonder why that is.

More importantly, I was wondering - Whitley, do you ever respond to this Subscriber forum? I have not seen a response from you, just from my own access to reports and information. It would be SO wonderful if you could get back to us, if you have the time, concerning the questions posted here. I so very much appreciate what you and Anne do, with Unknown Country. It has quite simply changed my life and perspective of reality. I have the feeling that this Subscriber area could become a great forum.

Kindest regards,

PS: I'm not sure if my fellow Subscribers would agree, so I'm out on a limb here ... however I would be willing to pay more for my subscription to this website and all the tremendous information provided - not to mention the wonderful people I 'meet' through the various interviews and links.

The current price is extremely generous, and greatly appreciated. However, if UC will require more resources, to stay 'on the air', I think that long time subscribers might be able to afford a little more for this service -?

Just an idea.

Whitley, do you have a comment on Steve Beckow's upcoming joyride?


I would be very interested in your opinion of this.

Dear Mr Strieber,
As a subscriber who is not an experiencer I have obviously never had the opportunity to secrete myself in a space where I must confront the visitors and 'eat my fear.' I could always stalk the dark alleys of gang areas of my town, but I'd rather not die in this particular fashion. My question is this: what might you suggest as a means to artificially create that hightened state of fear so that one might then meditate in the midst of it? Of course, you have previously suggested that meditating attracts the visitors, that when one pays attention to the phenomena it pays attention to them. So there is, I suppose, the possibly that the visitors will show up one night and scare the hell out or me! Careful what you wish you for, right?! By the way, I've been a fan/follower of your work since I first read The Hunger when I was a teenager! And although I am not an experiencer, I value what seems to be happening here. Aside from reading Gurdjieff and Ouspensky in my 20's, your work has been the most life-affirming for me!
Thank you, and Anne

The majesty and ecstasy of release.

Oh, sublime cherubim... ... ...:


Good Lord, the celestial majesty of it all.......

Hi Whitley,
I thought you would have remembered what I wrote you about back in July. It was about my parent’s story of a strange voice/sound coming from the sky back in the forties. This sound coming from the sky could have been mistaken by my parents for a voice in a foreign language, remember they could not understand it. And we all know something very significant happened around that time in the forties.
Maybe there is a tie in here and something very big this time, especially since it is being heard around the world this time. Or maybe not!

(Please do not post)

I keep wondering if this sound is the result of our planet is moving through a new area space. I believe that I'm right that we are passing through a new area of space that may have very different conditions than the area we are coming out of- maybe there is some kind of space weather that effects our atmosphere in a way to produce this sound? Perhaps it's something to do with lining up with the galactic center? I also keep thinking of the phrase "music of the spheres". I like the "tuning fork" idea mentioned above. Could the vibration of moving through space be causing this sound? Just ideas I'm throwing out here.

The thoughts I had on these strange sounds... magnetic pole moving causing some kind of geological event underground. Mother earth's birthing pains as she prepares for the upcoming shift..