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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strange Sounds and the Pole Shift

For our subscribers, Whitley Strieber and Ralph Steiner go deeper, looking into the possible CAUSES of the strange sounds, booming noises and other phenomena we are seeing right now. Do they mean that an unknown form of instability might be emerging in our planet's crust? Could the stories of possible shifting of the physical surface of the earth in the past be true? If so, is there any way for us to tell whether or not what we are hearing now is related, and if not, then what ELSE might be happening?

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A few remote viewers, including myself, have looked at the source of these sounds. Each of us got this as a blind target - which means we had no data about the target beforehand. All we were given to work from were two, 4 digit numbers.


I just read your website about the remote viewing you did regarding the source of the strange sounds being reported and looked at your sketches. I feel rather stunned by your associated feelings & intuitions describing the messages and information you received. You might want to read about an international program that I feel is doing unprecedented damage to the earth and stressing it far beyond her capacity to withstand much more relentless and invasive assault.

To date, I've not heard politicians, environmental activists, or ethical environmental scientists addressing concerns about a science based international "program" that may just be the "last straw" that tips the scales toward our man-made catastrophic, planetary cataclysm.

What you have said & sketched describe what I consider to be a match for the 'target' I've been so concerned about. No one else I've talked to over the years has heard about it. Your accounts I find are not only accurately described but I also hear compassionate wisdom coming through.

In 2003, I was desperately needing to know the answer to questions about my extreme sensitivities that began developing in 1976, to weather pattern changes but especially to those regarding earth quakes. Spiritually I asked the question & was guided to discover information that finally made sense.

My question was: "What is so significant about the geology surrounding Japan, that makes my body react with such intense pain and loss of equilibrium prior to significant earthquakes there?" I was guided to find it on the internet, at a time when I was only beginning to use the computer. The answer was immediate & probably the quickest research I've ever done...a few minutes.

The answer not only explained why the earthquakes affected me so severely, but my discovery of the IODP--the acronym for International Ocean Drilling
Program, further informed me of the potential for deep environmental catastrophe. Now that I understand IODP began drilling at the site of a "triple junction", where 3 major tectonic plates meet on the ocean floor, the earthquake off the coast of Japan in March of 2011, and the subsequent tsunami was no mystery. I expected such devastation to occur there, but was also hoping that someone would reconsider how fragile a site this was and stop in time. It didn't happen.

A consortium of 26 international countries, headed by the U.S. & Japan, drill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to "log" core samples of the earth. When the bore holes are made, huge air guns blast air into the bore hole, causing seismic activity otherwise known as earthquakes. The goal is to drill into the earth's mantle & they've named it, "The Last Frontier". As I recall, the cost may be about a million dollars a day.

Our collective "Final Frontier" may be when IODP attempts to drill into the fire surrounding the Hawaiian islands, or rather into Pele's sacred fire. Humans playing with the sacred fires of one of the most famous Volcano Goddesses of Pacific Ring of Fire history, may pay a very dear price to the undoing of our planet.

The photos of the IODP ocean rigs and the 'logs' of deep ocean earth cores they harvest, send chills through me as I witness our extreme human arrogance aloft on our waters at such obscene expense.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about your remote viewing & how it compares to the information you research on IODP websites.--Aloha