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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stan Gordon's Extraordinary UFO Information

Stan Gordon has been researching UFOs since he was sixteen years old, and over those years has amassed some of the most extraordinary information in the world on this or any subject. Listen as he tells us not only of powerful cases from the past, but also of some recent incidents that will haunt you for a long time to come. This is UFO information of the highest quality, provided by one of the world's most experienced experts.

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Great! Since Mr Gordon is based only an hour and a half from me I've been trying to get out and see all his presentations. He has an encyclopedic memory of events like the Kecksburg, PA UFO incident and has logged thousands of hours in the field investigating since the 60s. He's always a pleasure to listen to since he has a real knack for digging up information and interviewing witnesses in an unbiased fashion. Can't wait to listen.

February 1973 Piedmont, Missouri.
Object rises out of Clearwater Lake.


It would be interesting to read what others post in regards to what was happening in their part of the world in 1973. Also, a thought about otherworldly beings. If we could work on overcoming the fear that comes when interacting with them, just think how much insight/knowledge we might acquire. Baby steps at first then....."To boldly go where no man has gone before." (Well, maybe not quite like that). Hopefully there would be a better understanding between species.

Thank you so much Whitley, I never knew about Stan Gordon or his work! I too live about an hour away from him and I will definitely be attending the Kecksburg UFO Conference. I know there is strange activity here in PA and I seem to be close to all of it, I think I'll keep my eyes open a little more as I drive through Chestnut Ridge. Thanks again, a truly fantastic interview.

Whitley, riveting discussion. I could have listened to you two all day long. Stan was an outstanding guest who provided a ton of fascinating information. Thanks for this!

i seem to recall much ufo/big foot activity in my neck of the woods back then. here in the st.louis region there were multiple big foot sightings, mainly along the missouri river bottoms area. it was dubbed 'momo' for missouri monster. then south of here in piedmont, mo, there were numerous reports of crafts shooting into and out of clearwater lake. i was in 7th - to - 9th grade at the time, so the period was 72-74.

Thanks Mark. I had forgotten about MoMo.....