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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spirit Unbound

A convocation of souls is beginning to take place, and it's possible for everyone who is willing to join and take an active part in it. And here, for our subscribers, we offer ideas about how to get involved. (Downolad below.) This is also discussed on this week's Revelations with William Henry.

Not only is the community of seekers growing in the physical world, we are being met by others from more brilliant realms of consciousness and spiritual development. Places like the Monroe Institute and people like Carol Sabick are dedicated to facilitating this meeting of souls during a time of increasing difficulty and danger, as our world slides toward the chaos of changes that are beyond control.

Listen as Carol tells us what this kind of work means, how to get connected, and what happens to us as we find ways of opening ourselves to the rich energies that are available to us just for the asking.

This exciting, enriching program will help you find your place on the path that is opening up to all human beings, but will be trod only by a few.

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hmmm, Why can't I download this special interview? There is no download link. What am I doing wrong?

I don't find the download link either. Whassup?

The interview with Marla was very interesting. I'm looking forward to the Subscriber Interview when the download link is added.

PLEASE fix dwnload link...You have us all on the edge of our seats!!!

Nothing is wrong. It is going up right now. We just finished recording this second!

Fascinating! Thank you for this one Whitley!

Where is the revelations show, or is this it? I'm confused.

Click on the Revelations link in the first line to see the Revelations show and download it. This is the special subscriber interview. I'll have the editor rewrite the first line of this show description. It's confusing.

Thank you Carol and Whitley. What a beautiful conversation! `:^)

A very enriching interview and mind stretching experience