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Friday, March 29, 2013

Specials this Weekend in Vintage Dreamland and Whitley's Room

This weekend, we offer two special programs. First, Whitley Strieber's long awaited analysis of his short story Pain. Pain was written during the time that he had his 1985 close encounter experience, and reveals much of his unconscious reaction to what had happened to him. Over the thirty years since, he has learned a great deal more about the experience, and the insights that appear in this discussion are among the deepest he has ever reached.

Second, Whitley Strieber and Dr. John Mack became good friends after Dr. Mack became interested in close encounter witnesses. In November of 1999, Whitley interviewed Dr. Mack on Dreamland. It is a beautiful interview, and Whitley has added an introduction recalling Dr. Mack and their relationship.

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