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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tantrism and the Close Encounter Experience

Throughout the literature of the close encounter experience and the narrative of many witnesses there is an undertone of material that seems to have a relationship to the tantric disciplines of the far east. In addition, there is in the west a long tradition of stories of attacks by entities known as incubi and succubi, that is repeated in close enconter stories. So what's this all about? Whitley Strieber and Peter Levenda discuss this aspect of the experience.

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First question I have concerns who my father may be. My mother has had numerous UFO sightings. In 1953 she had a sexual relationship with a man in Chicago. He would be my biological Father. I would know nothing of this until a Government Agent would inform me my father wasn't my father. He had been trailing me for four years in a white pick-up truck. There had been a confrontation with rocks and my co-workers that seemed to precipitate this encounter. I told him he was crazy, and walked away(1992) was this encounter. In 2002 I started asking questions of this to my mother. She said she couldn't answer this on the phone. I would have to visit for answers. She would die before I could visit. My job had me working to many hours to travel. January of 1953 would of been the time of this incident.
My abductions have been to many, to get answers to. They would start in infancy. I continue regressions to develope conscous memories of many missing time episodes. The regression would not bring full awareness to the abduction experiences. I thought I'd remembered the regressions. Then in listening later to the tapes I'd find the center part of the regressions I had no memories to. Names of the ET's and other Key points.
I've had regressions that seem to infer sexual relations. One in a ship at night in which the Grays introduced me to a woman. They were standing around. She telepathically spoke. Come in, in a manner more of a command. In that regression extreme pain came to my right arm. The hypnotist stopped the regression, because of the level of pain. I wanted to continue the regression and tolerate the immense pain.
In my younger years, sexual experiences with girl friends would become interupted. We both would experience missing time. In a few of these sperm would be extraced with a machine. Of coarse at that time I wouldn't know what happened. I could not understand while all of my sexual encounters would be interupted.
Recently I would have dreams of intimacy with a small blonde woman. Many times I would have dreams of her in different settings. In my next regression I wish to find out if these dreams are real, or alternate realities. There would be no sexual encounters with her, that I'd know of. I'd usually arived in her bedroom to see her awaken. Another woman in a regression, many regressions, I'd get flash backs of laying in bed with her. All these woman look very human. Do you have any answers to these incidents.
Do you have any answers to these incidents. I do regressions monthly. Abductions are happening weekly.
Ken Hopkins
Developing security camera footages. Objects in film aren't discernible.

As a teenager or pre-pubescent woman, i would feel sexually attacked, but I could brake loose of the paralysis and wake up. I never have told this to anyone before. My most vivid memory id of a being on top of me; I could feel his legs around me , with something similar to hard scales. I could feel with my mind, not with my eyes, that his skin was dark. Most of my family members have dreams and experiences where paralysis is a major element. On one occasion I bought the Robert A Monroe tapes to see if I could remember any more about these encounters or visit any of the places described on his books, but they never had any effect on me. I have kept a journal of these dreams to see if I can make any sense of it, for I see alines in battle with us and catastrophes happening where I am a witness, but I think this may be influenced by so many movies about contacts that go wrong and the lore surrounding the aliens.