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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Secrets that Steal our Freedom

In this powerful half hour, Whitley Strieber ends 2012 by going down a list of all the secrets the government keeps, from UFOs to JFK to 911. And remember Flight 800? Whitley does and he is still asking questions.

This talk is mind opening, often shocking and, when you realize just how much is being kept from us, deeply infuriating. But it does not need to stay this way. Whitley makes the point that we are essentially supporting a vast secret society that is the United States government, and that we cannot be free until we know the truths that are being hidden from us.

He describes specific documents that need to be released before we can really call this a free country. Will some of them be released in 2013? Any of them? One thing is clear: we must not forget. And, above all, we must keep up the pressure.

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I've been playing catch up on many shows the past two days, and I really enjoy being a subscriber. I've had many a chilling moment in my days, but none as much as when you mentioned "bizarre creatures coming in the night because we shot first."

Such an important talk, Whitley. I hope that many more people hear it because I believe that the kind of official secrecy that you describe have and continue to bind us and prevent us from moving forward to a more equitable, more compassionate, informed and ethical world. What you are saying can be very difficult for some to hear, even more so to accept, but we MUST listen and recognise that we are continually being deceived, manipulated and pushed into a reality that serves a few uncaring, unethical, power-hungry few, and we MUST refuse to passively accept and cooperate with those insidious forces and their lies. You spoke of American secrets, but Whitley, what you said applies to all governments. I am certain that the government of my country, Australia, has played handmaiden (or puppy dog) to those forces in your government, as has the government of Britain and who knows who else. These forces won't voluntarily disclose or change things; any meaningful disclosures and change will be initiated by us, the people who are willing and able to discern falseness and lies in government and the media and to demand the truth. The heightened awareness and perceptiveness that have been prophesied are not just related to spiritual or psychic evolution; they are also about our perceptions in material world and being more committed to seeing things clearly, truthfully and without preconceptions. I hope you will speak more on this, because we all need reminding that if we don't take responsibility for creating a better world, we will continue to get the world that others are creating for us.