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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Randy Bell Goes Deeper: Why is This Happening to Him??

Randy Bell's experiences and frequent UFO sightings started with a close encounter in 2007, but why did they continue in just the way they have? There are thousands and thousands of close encounter witnesses, but very few who are able to photograph UFOs on a regular basis. Randy reveals what makes him different from most of us, and also opens up about a childhood experience that will be eerily familiar to many close encounter witnesses, especially those of us who had 'secret school' contact as children. Randy's story is strange and powerful...and yet also one that so many of us share in both broad strokes and details.

To see the object in the video more clearly, use full screen mode. The object is not a balloon or a star. It has been maneuvering into the same place in the sky, then slowly moving away, since early September.

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Where is the link to the video?

Very enjoyable but where is the video link?

The 6.3 MB file was only 3.5 minutes long. The low BW 3.2 MB file is 27.6 mins long. Also I too, could not find the video link.

Wow! Randy thank you for your courage to share your experiences.
You have helped many others gain a deeper understanding of this mysterious area of our human condition.
Many blessings to you and your family.


He was not easy to interview. I give Whitley credit for this interview. He kept it interesting anyway.

Yes, kudos Whitley for getting through this interview; like pulling teeth getting the guy to say anything meaningful. He's so pulled back, detached from the conversation, I don't think I even believe him.