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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ralph Steiner's Secret UFO LIfe

Ralph Steiner was a public radio reporter specializing in the Pentagon, Star Wars, the environment and defense related issues when, about nine months after Whitley Strieber's December 1985 close encounter, he had a mind-bending experience of his own that changed his life and transformed him into one of the great all-time investigators of UFOs and the unknown. Here, he tells us what happened to him, including extraordinary sightings and brain-bending contact experiences. Ralph is an extremely articulate man, and his descriptions of his experiences are both filled with insight and an unforgettable intensity.

The file referred to in the interview containing Ralph Steiner's pictures is available here.

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Excellent interview with Ralph Steiner, he is an old friend of mine and still remember some of the stories he related to me around 1989- 91, they are not included in this interview, hopefully he will be back again and tell us more about his personal experiences.

I've had similar things happen, and I've had UFOs appear by thinking thoughts of, "show yourself" etc. So true. I have videos on youtube of some of them.

Another great Dreamland show. Thanks, Whitley.
However, I haven't been able to find the image you mentioned of the 3 spheres Ralph was told to take a week after his initial observation while walking his dog in Berkeley.

Excellent interview! A calm, rational, extremely articulate account of an extraordinary set of experiences. The UFO/contact community needs more such people to speak out.

Extremely great interview!! I am looking forward to his next one. Thanks for bringing him to us.

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