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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ralph Steiner on the Alien-Afterlife Connection

The Dreamland that Ralph Steiner did with Whitley Strieber on Roswell two weeks ago was among the most popular in the history of this radio program. Ralph was among the very first reporters to interview Whitley after Communion was released, and, after his own extraordinary UFO experiences, has become one of the world's most knowledgeable and thoughtful UFO and paranormal researchers.

Here, he has a conversation with Whitley Strieber about the connection between alien contact and contact with the dead that is, very frankly, one of the most brilliant and amazing things that has ever appeared on this website. They both offer insights so powerful that they will change your whole attitude about what the afterlife is and how we related to it, and Whitley also reveals more information about his upcoming follow-on to Communion, Solving the Communion Enigma.

Taken together with George Noory's powerful interview about contacting the dead on Dreamland, this is a very provocative week of programming.

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No doubt they come from the spiritual metaphysical realm, the unseen part of existence, at least not perceived by us ....yet.

A great interview, as always. I just with it were longer... by a whole thirty minutes. Does anyone else sincerely miss the more substantial, more in-depth interviews that lasted upwards of 60 minutes? Where's Linda Molton Howe? I've been really enjoying many of the older shows lately, and I really wish Dreamland could go back to that format. Also, for the last 16 years that I've been burning cd's they've all been easily able to hold at least one hour worth of audio information. There is so much more we can get from these interviews, so much more that we DID get, that I really feel keeping them at the 30 minute mark is wasting much of their potential.

Well said. I also agree.

Perhaps they need more subscribers to help pay the bills so they can by-pass commercials?
Same with Linda Moulton Howe I dont think she could afford to just drop in every week. Just by looking at her website I would say she's a busy, busy lady. Subscribe to hers , if you havent already, and see how much info she puts out there and the research she does. I dont know when she sleeps. I would like to hear more of her also. Those were always reports worth waiting for.

Thank you both, Lilaclily and Todaysnews. I agree Today, Linda is extremely busy, and has always turned out great material which can be cited and used for discussion. I should dig deeper into her site, and thank you for the suggestion.

Whitley, what can we do to help get Dreamland and the Subscriber interviews back to where they were? Is it more subscribers? Is it the problem of media storage? I'm more than willing to create a third subscriber account and to support that my friends make second accounts.

If it's the storage media, may I suggest:

I've found my mp3 player to save me tons on CD's in the long run, space, and simple waste. The investment of $25-$35 is in my opinion great not only for the purposes of podcasts, but also throughout life. If you are also like me and have an older car without an AUX jack, you can go to BestBuy or Radio Shack and get an adapter that goes into your car's tape deck. This should allow you to play mp3's through there via your mp3 player.