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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Future with the Visitors

In this amazing talk, soaring with insight and filled with knowledge, Whitley Strieber discusses the true nature of the close encounter experience and, above all, its meaning, with candor and joy. Join with him on this amazing journey. He has understood some deep truths about close encounter, what it means, and where it is taking us.

When an intelligence officer asked a visitor what was on offer for mankind, the answer was 'a new world, if you can take it.' That is to say, if we can wrest it out of their hands, and if we can bear it if we do.

Here, Whitley tells us exactly what it is that we must take, how do do that, and how to approach the future the way Whitley does, completely without fear.

This show is being made available a day early for those who wish to download it prior to the holidays. Have a great Fourth of July!

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This is a wonderful treat Whitley - I had just downloaded all the audio books here of Secret School, Communion and Transformation, and finished listening as you put this show up!

As a student of Kemetic (Egyptian) thought and someone that paints modern interpretations of Deity and ideas from that part of our history, I particularly appreciated your mention of "maat". Your statement about hieroglyphics was particularly insightful, and I enjoyed the discussion about "the name" - which the Ancient Kemetics called "Ren" (I am sure you know that) and considered part of our soul anatomy; this is a topic I have been researching for years.

I am wondering if you have any other insights of soul anatomy as expressed by the Egyptians that you could discuss on Dreamland one day? I am sure I am not the only one that would appreciate it.

A very powerful piece, thank you.

A very powerful piece, thank you.

Great talk as always, and I too would like to here more about "maat" if possible.

You , Whitley brought me to tears. I have given up on most of humanity because of the hatred that is so present in every day life. Where does the hatred come from? How can mankind expect to transform into beings of light and love when "man" cannot accept other "human beings" who are different from themselves.

Thanks so much, Whitley. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Whitley, your voice sounds so remarkably youthful, light, energetic, happy and on purpose here. You must be doing something right!

Thanks Whitley, I needed that.