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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Next 18 Months: Among History's MOST IMPORTANT

Using his astrological knowledge and predictive skills, John Hogue tells--and warns--us that the next 18 months will be among the most important periods in human history, with fundamental changes taking place that will persist for generations.

What could those changes be? And can he prove any of this? He has a good record of solid predictions under his belt, but has he now gone too far. Listen--carefully--and decide for yourself!

Learn more about John at Hogueprophecy.com.

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I agree with most of what John and Whitley have to say. What we dont hear about any more is how close we came to a famine 2 years ago. Our own crops failed right here. Remember when the ranchers started selling off all of their beef? They couldnt afford to feed their herds of cattle and a LOT of them sold off most of their stock. Did beef prices go down at the store? Not where we live! Somebody made a killing.
The reason they all sold out was that our own corn crops failed. Corn prices went sky high.Our wheat crops failed also. Most due to drought in the west and floods in the east. We came very, very close to a famine right here. You dont hear about it now though because it was due to the weather.
A few places lost their crops again this year due to drought. At least ( I think) Colorado harvested most of theirs before the latest floods. But watch the weather out west. It's a major farming area and is a good indicator, I think, of things to come
Also, if you dont get off your duffs and start writing your elected officials and tell them to quit playing games they will just keep doing what big business wants them to do.Money talks if we dont.
If you cant see the global weather changing for yourselves, then you need to open your eyes. You cant trust the politicians information that's for sure! So start writing, or when it hits us you have only yourselves to blame. You can sure find out who your true friends are by writing. Some wont write back,if they dont like the subject you present. I had one new Congresswoman tell me she didnt care about my opinion because she was voting along party lines. Wrong party. I would never have known that if I hadn't have written her. One only writes if he agrees and another always writes me back. If he doesnt agree with me he tries to convert me to his side, but at least he replies. Give it a try. It might help us.

I follow everything I can on facebook, I think it is great,but I get little response when I share some very important stuff.I am looking into joining an eco community where I can work with others and share in a caring way,for the people and the planet.I dont think the polititions will do anything they have another agender and want to see most of us dead why are we getting chemtrails everywhere which are poisoning mankind.I can understand why most people dont want to know it is too awful to think about but the thing we can all do is use our heart centre with our loving intention to heal the world,it is a scientific fact,ask Gregg Braden who explains it very simply with his video The Divine Matrix.