Special Interviews
Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Encounter

On March 24, something unusual happened to Whitley Strieber. As was the case in December of 2007 when his last seemingly physical encounter with the unknown took place, what happened was related to a work of fiction he's writing. The book, which will be published in mid-2012, involves a kind of mind-sharing that Whitley experienced with his visitors, and which became, over time, an intimate and powerful form of communication. On the 24th, somebody communicated with him in this way, but there may have been more. The person may have been physically present as well. Listen to his eloquent description of what happened, and his insightful interpretation of it.

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The Cold after connection is also my experience, fwiw.

Part 2, a Fiction:

Inconsolable Cold is part of the climate of the Wyrd.
I came to Earth to be warm, but inside, crystalline, the habit of ice remains.
When, inevitably, I touch upon the Wyrd, the Cold returns for a time.
Its glacial tides are held back only by living, and forgetting,
And even within the Wyrd, by love.

I felt like someone was in my living room last night (3 people to be exact. 2 are there all the time and the third one sometimes.) And one wanted to know where my headache was. I was having a cluster headache behind my left eye, and he went in and felt where it was for himself. Then I had a dream where I was drowning at the end of it, and one of my friends who've I've nicknamed Vector was the only one who could have saved me. He said, "Sorry." and felt sad, as I was going to drown because he was too far away to do anything about it. Interesting dream. I've also noticed lighters going missing again. I smoke. Thank you Whitley. Nice story.

Since reading a book on Findhorn relating interactions with humans and the world of nature spirits, I have not questioned existence of other planes of reality. Being open to interactions with those other planes, I have had extraordinary experiences. However, the concept of multiple dimensions where other versions of our self exist was something much more theoretical until recently.

I had gotten up and went into the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I looked in the mirror and the reflection was of someone who looked like me but with died dark hair versus my white hair. That reflection was looking back with probably the same stunned look that I suspect I had. I felt we were both knowingly experiencing an improbable schism between our two dimensions. In a flash I knew that this other me was a version of myself that was very successful writer. While it would seem that I should be envying her success, I felt she was envying me.

And, as humans are prone to do, I turned and left the reflection as soon as my hands were washed and walked out of the room. By the time I got to the living room and the impact of what had happened was recognized, I thought, “Now why did you just leave?” Even for someone rather experienced in these extra-ordinary events, I had not pursued the communication. Maybe she had done the same thing. Maybe the Universe was only going to give that sliver of light and nothing more.

Point is, Whitley, we should follow your lead and acknowledge to all who will listen that we must “drop barriers to intimate sharing.” I hope the next time a version of myself turns up, I will not just walk out of the room. Thank you for sharing.

Whitley: I must once again offer you my deepest appreciation for the information; the work; and the sharing you constantly give us. Your courage and insight is so helpful for peole like myself - aware that I am creating my own reality but not quite able to grasp this mechanism of this waking dream. It helps when you share - as you have just done - for you are able to give us a more expanded understanding of this subtle, inconsistant mysterious state of being human. I am not brave so it is through you that I am able to add to my understanding. Also reading the comments above from people who have had such powerful experiences is assisting me to identify these areas of mystery.
One thing though, you often get caught inside the idea of evill, and as I am also beginning to understand the process of duality that is a cornerstone of this world of illusion that we create, I can assure you that evil is the opposite of good - and neither really exist.
thank you all

Thank you for sharing your experience. It was timely. We humans must make an internal leap of faith in order to experience each other and the world around us more fully. 'Inner contact is what it's all about'...absolutely.

Three months ago I had an incident (lucid dream?) whereby a sky blue round light (approx size baseball, maybe bit larger) approached and entered the space at the lower rear part of my skull. When happening I experienced a profound nakedness but upon it's joining I surrendered and 'felt' it's purpose was to draw attention to my inner thought processes and to act as a witness/observer of sorts. There was more to the event that I can't recall.

I'm left however paying closer attention to how I 'feel', and as a consequence articulating my internal thoughts more honestly. This has resulted in my emotional responses being more truthful and with that my interactions with others more fruitful. Your experience rang a bell.