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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Near Death Experiencer Anne Strieber Interviews Near Death Researcher Christophor Coppes

We cannot find another instance of a near death experiencer interviewing a near death researcher on the radio, and listening to the discussion between Anne Strieber, who had an NDE in 2004, and Christophor Coppes is absolutely unique and absolutely fascinating. Did you know that very many people who are close to death get a visit from a dead friend or relative four days before they die? Or why it is that cats seems connected to spirit? And listen to the story of Anne's elderly friend who recently died--and reported just before she passed that somebody had come and given her a cat...four days before her death.

This is absolutely unique programming.

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Lots of info here. Really valuable. Makes me re-think a few things.
Thanks very much for this.
Lynn Harrington

Now being in approximately the last 20% of my expected life span, I could not agree more with the opinions expressed in this interview. Long ago I decided if my existence does not have quality, then it is not life and I do not want it artificially prolonged. However, I would like to hear opinions about how to come to terms with the mistakes made in a lifetime. It is difficult for me not to believe they will be punished, and I know of no way to undue the past. A guest with insight on this would be most appreciated.