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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Montauk Project: the Hidden Story

This riveting discussion begins with two very strange stories about glasses, and goes from there to one of the deepest and most knowledgeable discussions of the Montauk Project you will ever hear. The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project have been denied, debunked and derided, but if none of it ever happened, why do the stories exist at all?

Ralph Steiner is a man with secrets, and he tells some really strange ones today. What's the bizarre truth about the Philadelphia Experiment? What was really going on at Montauk. You've read some and heard some, but NOTHING LIKE THIS!

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My gosh, can anyone get more pompous? It took all I had to listen to this guy, to try to get his message(s). Sorry WHITLEY but this guy gets on my last nerve, but this is just me. TO ME, it sounds like he loves the sound of his own voice and speaks to entertain himself forgetting that there are listeners/audience IMHO! A pseudo intellectual? GAG!

But his ART is truly awesome.

AND WHITLEY, You are one of the most authentic, unassuming, non pretentious people around! The BRAT part only makes you more interesting. SMILING HERE!

Is it just me or did this interview cut off right about where he mentioned the name of the book? I was just getting into it and poof ... Right back to the story of the glasses!

I have had experience with electromagnetic energy unlocking psychic powers. I discovered a psychic diet, which I adhered to for a while. The diet consisted of this: raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and eggs (vegetarian paleolithic diet). Some supplementation---himalayan crystal salt, resveratrol, brown sesame seeds, crystal gesyer water, Tulsi tea, ginseng, NOW colloidal minerals. I also engaged in sunbathing for 20 mins each day. I found that my energy was greatly enhanced, I was infused with light, it was very intense. I found I had precognition, I knew what events would happen before they transpired. I knew when someone was about to enter my energy field, it was as if I had a ESP web that could be disturbed in advance by the presence of another human. My experience is unusual in that I was able to activate my abilities through dietary means, rather than through the application of mental discipline. After observing the phenomenon for a time, I arrived at some specific conclusions regarding what was happening. Electromagnetic energy can be connected and aligned with the very fabric of space-time. Once one is "inside of the light that has merged with the fabric of space" one can see across time, gathering information from the future. Light may travel instantly across space-time (from its own perspective,which is supported by relativity) and thus it can aid consciouness in its journey to far flung places. This explains how the mind can apprehend information from the future, the mind uses the capabilities of superposition, which is held within the structured potential of light. The recipe for psychic power is to understand light can merge and align with the fabric of space at the planck length.

The main thing I want to stress is that there is a distinct difference between living inside or merged with the "grounded" (connected to the fabric of space) light and outside of it. The body contains bio-photons, which can be gleaned from dietary sources. When people are younger they have a greater link to the electromagnetic field, their psychic powers are usually greater. As one ages, the amount of light contained within the body begins to wane, psychic powers also generally begin to diminish. This explains why we have older skeptics who deny the existence of psychic phenomena.

The diet plan I outlined is very intense. Be forewarned that it will change your body and mind quite a bit over time. Living within the grounded light is the key to psychic powers. Infuse your cells with light and abilities will eventually become unlocked.
Living within the grounded light offers one a new perspective and thus a new awareness. It is quite different from living outside of the light. Like the twins of the twin paradox, who experienced the passage of time differently compared to one another, one experiences the passage of time differently when one is living inside of the light rather than outside of it.

This was a great interview and i was completely fascinated with Ralph Steiner and his views. It has made me rethink the Philadelphia Experiment. I wonder if the experiement did take place and thus changed our course of history and relationship with "them". Thanks Whitley for this interview - i thoroughly enjoyed it and gave me food for thought. Steiner was an excellent guest.