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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is Mankind being Manipulated and How can We Escape?

For Unknowncountry subscribers, Joseph Farrell discusses some of the practicalities of the deep manipulation of the human mind and the human species that he believes has been ongoing for virtually all of our history. How does it actually work? And can we use ancient sacred sites in a completely new way that recognizes the power of the ancient science that created them?

Many Unknowncountry.com subscribers make pilgrimages to sacred sites, and here Joseph offers useful and very new ways of understanding what those sites were originally intended to do, and how to make use of them again in the ways that were originally intended, before the knowledge declined into the empty rituals that are all that remain in the historical record.

Don't miss Joseph's excellent book on this subject, the Grid of the Gods.

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Thank you Joseph Farrell for a most interesting and valuable talk.
Thank you Whitley for making this available to us.

Gail McCrary (Mama Shine) :-)

i think that 9/11 was another evil sacrifice too.

This was the best explanation for the grizzly practice of human sacrifice in Meso-America that I've ever heard. Thank you.

One little thing he didn't address is that child and human sacrifices started in Saharasia (Africa and Asia) and slowly spread to Native America and Polynesia. The Plain of Jars of jars filled with infants' bodies near Babylon dates to a much earlier period than anything in Mesoamerica. Joseph Farrell has tied up a little package but left dangling a few little strings: Where human sacrifices started and who did them worldwide. I like a lot of Joseph Farrell's work but he didn't dig deep enough. The loose strings start unraveling when Abraham laid out Isaac to be sacrificed before the "Lord" stopped him in Genesis. The Abraham-Isaac episode and the bodies that bodies that fall out of that period of the Judeo-Christian tradition are messy and every bit a part of human history as the sacrifices in Mesoamerica the Vatican publicized while slaughtering Native Americans right and left. Ask Native Americans what they think of that history. The Pope apologized to Native Americans while in Canada in the 1990s.

There is an old story, floating around the Southwestern United States, of a bloodthirsty, red-haired race of tall/giant people who once lived there, causing much havoc and sorrow among the people. They were eventually burned to death, inside their dwellings. I have never, myself, encountered a "Nordic" being but, after having looked over the Sumerian tales of the Annunaki and compared them to the related etchings and, finally, to the Genesis story in the Bible (especially the account of Cain and Abel).... I've seen to regard them as suspicious characters, generally speaking.

The increasing unecessary human sacrifice since our involvement in WW2 can only signal the end times of the world as we know it now. If, however, we can find a way to abolish the trend like the Hindus were able to, the 12/21 transition may be far more likely and harmonious for the majority.

Individually we need to try and correct any habitual 'cheating' lifestyles which milk energy from higher dimensions (i.e. raping natural resouces; unecessary wanton animal slaughter).