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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lee Speigel, the Area 51 Book, JFK and UFOs and Doug Henning's Secret Powers

Folks, prepare to be stunned, amazed and overwhelmed as Lee Speigel takes us on what could easily be the interview journey of a lifetime. He and Whitley Strieber start with his recent interviews with Annie Jacobsen about her Roswell claims, then move on down what has to be one of the most amazing roads anybody has ever traveled. Listen as Lee tells us the hidden truth of the JFK UFO connection, then explains Marilyn Monroe's UFO secrets--and relates the UFO connection to the deaths of both of these legends.

All of this is going to fascinate and enlighten you, but wait until you hear about Lee's mind-bending personal experience with famed magician Doug Henning, who died too soon to reveal to the world what he had discovered. But Lee knows because he was a firsthand witness, and here he tells all!

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I enjoyed Mr. Speigel's interview, and he seems like a great guy with some amazing experiences, particularly the UFOs he reported on for CUFOS.

However, and I am NO FAN of Philip Klass, I think Klass had it right when it came to Doug Henning's supposedly mysterious powers. The whole setup of the "levitation" by Henning, the angle, Lee's description, the falling backwards, sounds like just a very good execution of the "Balducci" levitation, and one where Henning really "went for it" and did fall backwards losing his balance at the end. Here's a good explanation on YouTube:
To see the explanation for an even more amazing demonstration of levitation done by Chris Angel, see:

Think about it with a little rigor now, if Henning could really levitate and defy gravity, what would make him fall backwards? Did he suddenly lose his concentration and with it his battle with gravity? If so, he'd fall straight down, no? Instead he pivoted backwards! Pivoted off of what? While I'm not ruling out the ability of really gifted masters of consciousness to possibly levitate, IMO Henning was a magician who didn't mind making himself out as having "real magic" to Speigel. He really didn't "discover" anything that he could reveal to the world, despite the claims above.

Sorry to spoil the party, but too many people around these parts are just a little too gullible. Unfortunately, if you fall for a well-known magician's trick, it erodes the credibility of your powers of discernment and observation for other things, like close encounters for example. And I've had enough experiences in my life to know there are truly wondrous and strange things out there; let's not mix them up with poor observations and sensational but baseless claims, something that happens too often on UC, IMHO.