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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Last Pope: What Happens Next?

The sudden resignation of the pope is just the latest among an increasing number of signs of great change all around us. According to the Prophecy of St. Malachy, to which the Church has been attentive for generations, the next pope, who will ascend to the Chair of St. Peter in just a few weeks, will be the last. In the past, Church leaders have often said and done things relating papacy after papacy to the prophecy. So, is Pope Benedict resigning because of old age, as he has said, or is there a deeper reason?

John Hogue and Whitley Strieber explore what happens AFTER the current pope resigns, and we enter the time of the last pope in the famed list. What should we expect? What does prophecy suggest? And what is the true meaning of apocalypse?

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A note from Whitley Strieber: "Many people are fearful and apprehensive about these times, and there are indeed many signs all around of of great change on practically every level. However, is fear really the answer? There may be another, better way to face the future, and this website and all that it does represent our dedication to finding the richness and positive potential in change, rather than the negative."

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I enjoyed this interview and the related Dreamland show on the Pope's resignation very much. Thank you. And I appreciate your advice to us all to focus on "finding the richness and positive potential in change, rather than the negative." It is something I often have to tell people, many of whom are indeed afraid, or at the least, anxious about all the doom and gloom going around. That is a message that cannot be emphasised enough because negative forces feed off our fear: they purposely cultivate it, just as they encourage and foster hatred, suspicion, xenophobia and feelings of helplessness. If we would be prepared to face whatever tribulations may come, and I believe some will, we must strengthen and build our energy beings, our thoughts and emotional frequencies with clear positive intentions, and a commitment to work alone or together to help create a more honest, compassionate world. We must become forces ourselves of confident optimism, goodwill and truthfulness. So thank you, Whitley, for both helping us recognise the dangers around us and our ability (if we are willing to live responsibly) to confront them and render them powerless.

The greatest danger of all is our fear. That can be hardest to overcome, because we are often so good at hiding it even from ourselves that we don't even recognise it. Hiding is no protection. Keep bringing us guests with the courage to face the fearful, recognise their fear and "do it anyway", guests like Linda Godfrey, Robert Stanley, Linda Moulton-Howe and so many others. Your own example is also very inspiring. Maybe it's time for a special retrospective on your experiences and how you dealt with the fear.


Is it possible that the 'Last Pope' can mean the re-concilation of the Orthodox and Catholic faiths? In light of Pope Francis and his obvious collegiality maybe it is time to rejoin the ancient faiths. I have struggled with the division for twenty or so years and have finally come to the to state where I can reconcile in my heart and mind the difference in creed, i.e whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father or the Father and the Son, So anyway, it seems that if there is a 'last Pope" this would be a good direction to go in.