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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kennedy, UFOs and the Masters of Deception

This fascinating, astonishing, inspiring interview will blow you away. It's that simple. From the moment that Whitley Strieber and Kenn Thomas start talking until the beautiful, unexpected and extremely powerful last few words, you will be on a journey into truth unlike any you have experienced before. Our world is being destroyed by masters of deception and the people who serve them, and the only way to find our way out of the deadly labyrinth that they have created is to learn and undestand. That's what this great interview is all about.

The accompanying video is Dorothy Kilgallen's last appearance on What's My Line. Later that night, allegedly drunk and loaded with barbituates, she died. Her husband and others who knew her maintained that absolutely nothing was wrong with her. Watch for yourself. Does she look or sound drunk or out of sorts in any way? No. Only one thing is wrong with her: she has just completed her manuscript about the Kennedy Assassination and told friends that she has cracked the case and what she knows will rock the world.

Watch her. While she was doing this show, she knew the truth that we have all been struggling to find ever since. And she died for it.

In Whitley's interview with Kenn, there is a glimpse of the hidden dark presence that is behind the endless deceptions that are destroying mankind. Listen and learn.

Kenn Thomas's website is Steamshovelpress.com.

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Am enjoying this interview....am intrigued by Whitley's comments that the JFK assassination changed the whole timbre of the United States, and that the whole Maury Island incident has a weird and ominous feel to it. This reminds me of the famous Jack Ruby statement to press to the Warren Commission:

"Well, you won't see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of government is going to take over the country, and I know I won't live to see you another time"

Thank you a very interesting discussion.

I love interviews like this. They inspire people think deeper than all the nonsence you hear on television and read in newspapers. So many people believe anything that is fed to them out of fear. They are afraid of the truth and fear it will dissrupt their lives. We on the other hand are like four year olds. We ask why, where, how, what for and are never satisfied with an off the hip answer. Never stop dreaming!

Brilliant interview. I got a very strong sense of the presence of truth during it. So much so I could almost taste it. We do indeed live in a world of deception, controlled by people who are intent, it seems, on a scorched-earth-policy.