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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jason Offutt and Whitley Strieber: Demons and the Dark

Jason Offutt and Whitley Strieber trade some unique stories of ghostly encounters, then get into one of the most remarkable exchanges about things like the dark-eyed children who have disturbed so many close encounter witnesses, strange material emitted possibly from parallel universes and time travel that you will ever hear. This interview will open your mind to some very unusual possibilities about our world. Whitley Strieber asks Jason the question, "is something dark and demonic moving slowly closer to us?" You will not soon forget his answer.

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After listening to this today, I had just saw a shadow of person move in front of my view of vision...for a second I had thought it was a real person.

I was not amused but neither afraid...more like pissed. I'm not blaming anyone here but I'd better not be seeing black-eyed children knocking on my door.

I have no tolerance for paranormal bull-sh*t...


The 'time machine' case sounds like where they got the idea from for what tesla's machine does in that movie The Prestige.

The Time Machine sounds like a good movie. It had an excellent plot for its audience.

I know.

But I like 2003 version of the Time machine much better. However, the idea of the albino overlord didn't sit well with me.

Yeah, but did you like the Green Mile?

Tell me more...

More of what? You're not making sense.

You can count to 11. Impressive. I can only count to 10.

Well...very good for you. You might get a gold star or a cookie. lol

Whitley Strieber's favorite cookie is a Snicker doodle.


Has anyone encountered black-eyed adults? One of the persons I saw had blue eyes that changed to a black color. This person had little to no emotions. The person was accompanied by another person of the same stature and looks. Both occurred in my work environment. I was so scared that I almost left work. I cannot shake this or the feeling both experiences have had on me.

Comment repeated...

What kind of job setting did you encounter these black-eyed adults, Blue Moon? Were they customers?

Also, I would like to add, regarding encounters...

...I once encountered a young Nordic man in a university campus I once attended back in 2003. He could pass for human with the exception of certain facial features I will not divulge here. Whenever I happened to see him, I felt this surge of shock course through my nervous system. It was like I was in the presence of an angel or something close to one. He was often social with a lot of the college students and actually belonged to a few groups on campus. Often he would pass by me in his car on the road off-campus as if he knew where I was in the city. Whenever I would attempt to talk to him, I would shake in terror as if I were in the presence of an alien. Suffice to say he was equally afraid of me, as if I knew who he really was before I had realized it myself. It was around the same time I started reading Whitley's books regarding the visitors, The book "Transformation" in particular. I last saw him in May of 2004. He was angry and disappointed towards me that I never had the courage to engage in normal conversation with him. Soon after, I started to see the visitors around March of 2006. After 2006, I haven't seen one since, Grey, Nordic, or otherwise..

Bearing Jupiter these two were encountered in the medical setting--I am a phlebotomist--and because of privacy I can't divulge very much information because of privacy. I was absolutely chilled to the bone and wanted to quickly be done with the exam. I did have an encounter shortly after where I felt someone next to me in my room-- not sure if I was dreaming or awake--and they were putting something down my throat, I was choking and then I saw a shadow of a dark form make it's way to the window where it disappeared. Not the first time this has happened, but the first in many years. Scary thought that I had a gun in the drawer next to my bed, but couldn't reach for it to use it because I felt paralyzed. Like I said, I don't know whether it was dreamt or not.

must be the BEKs

you've got the wrong file on this topic.

inkdiva85, if you have nothing useful to say, then say nothing at all.

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