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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jack Ruby and Oswald Met BEFORE the Assassination

Whitley Strieber recently received a letter from a reader saying that a relative had owned a convenience store in Dallas where two men had met frequently prior to the Kennedy Assassination. Nothing like this is mentioned in the Warren Commission Report or in any of the many books about the assassination. So Whitley takes the question to Jim Marrs: what might this have meant? The discussion that follows is, predictably, an exciting one. Did you know that famed columnist Dorothy Kilgallen died mysteriously after telling friends she had "cracked" the Kennedy case-and that the friend she gave her manuscript about it to also died, and that that the manuscript disappeared? AND that Kilgallen based much of her story on a meeting with Ruby?

The Kennedy case is very far from over, as this riveting discussion makes very clear.

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